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9 Simple Tips To Improve Your Blog

9 Simple Things To Improve Your Blog

I’ve been writing blogs for companies and myself for the best part of a decade. In the past, I’ve also been responsible for guiding others through the blogging process and editing the final piece. I’ve found that many people don’t how to make a good blog post so here are some very simple tips!

  1. Length
    Most blogs should be short; they are a fast way to promote an idea/message. Stick to 250 – 500 words maximum. Less is more! (See point 8 about lazy readers)
  1. Images and videos
    Your blog will need at least one good quality picture and you could also include videos or gifs. Much of digital media is visual; so the more pictures and other media the better. Make sure they are relevant to your blog and in some way;
  • compliment your headline,
  • illustrate a metaphor or analogy that is part of your main idea,
  • evoke surprise or curiosity,
  • make your reader smile.
  1. Call to Action
    What is the reason for the blog? Do you want more people to visit your website? Are you trying to improve sales? Do you want people’s opinions? Ensure to give a call to action.
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  1. Links, Links and more links!
  • If you mention an organisation, embed a link to their website or social media page.
  • Mentioning someone else’s blog? Embed a link to the blog and a link to their twitter account too if you can.
  • If you mention an article you read, an event you attended or anything where a link is possible – make sure you add a link!

Example: Follow me on Twitter

  1. What does a blog look like?
    In order to keep things fresh and new, it is important to not churn out blog after blog laid out in the same way.Consider a different way to present your information:
  • Try lists e.g. ‘5 reasons why you should..’, ‘10 ways to …’, ‘25 tips and tricks..’
  • Could your blog be turned into an infographic? As I’ve already said visual is key!
  • Checklists go down well.
  • People like to learn new things, could your blog be a ‘How-to’ or a ‘quick guide’?
  • You could record your blog as a video and include the video with a transcript together as your post.
  • Have you seen a blog presented in a different way that worked well? Could you try that? (Please comment and share links below of any good examples you know!)
  1. Short and sweet.
    People who read blogs are looking for a different type of style to those who read a newspaper. Write short paragraphs, no more than two to three sentences. If a blog is text heavy it can put people off. (See point 8 below about lazy readers.)
  1. Stay on track!
    Don’t drift from the aim of the post. Who are your audience? What do you want them to take from this? Include nothing more than the absolute necessary points.  Refer back to your main message as much as possible to remind readers why they are there.
  1. Lazy readers:
    Is your blog scannable? Most people that read online scan the page for words or phrases and headings. Especially if they are reading on a tablet or a phone!(As a side note) Don’t think that all of your audience are lazy; if you have something really worth saying and it is longer than your other blogs don’t cut out the good stuff just for the sake of cutting it down. If the content is worth reading – people will read it all.
  1. Presentation
  • Formatting – Use bold, CAPITALS, italics and other colours to emphasise points. Careful you don’t do too much! You can also experiment with colours and sizes – but again. Less is more!
  • Headings and Sub Headings. This is a great way to quickly show off the content while adding structure.
  • Keep it simple! Be careful not to overwhelm readers with too many ideas. Stick to one thing, if you want to discuss more than one idea or topic, consider writing a series of posts.

This is by no means a comprehensive list but is designed to be a brief overview to help you with some of the design elements. Happy blogging! If you have any questions or comments please leave them below, we’d love to hear from you.

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  2. Derek Dewitt

    My wife is wanting to start a blog soon, so thanks for these tips. I like your point about writing short paragraphs that are 2-3 sentences. I can see how a text-heavy blog might put people off, so I’ll be sure to recommend this to her.

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