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9 Reasons To Outsource Your Blog Writing

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Any business worth their salt these days has a blog on their website. Although extremely beneficial, blog writing takes time, especially when you post regularly. It is easy to see why so many people let their blog go stale, putting other things first, but this does do damage to the business long term. Don’t worry though, if you keep running out of time to write your blog, There is another way! 

This blog is all about outsourcing your blog writing and the benefits of it.

Outsourcing: Paying someone else to do your blog writing for you. 


When did you last update your blog?

Sadly, many business blogs are left without a new post for months. Their website traffic plummets (along with their SEO) and their reputation may also be damaged.

What are the benefits?

    1. Consistency.

      Outsourcing means that no matter how busy you are, your blogs will be posted regularly and of a consistent quality. Make sure you have a good strategy for sharing the blogs to make the most of them.

    2. Customer loyalty, attraction and retention.

      Good quality, regular blog posts showcase how great your business is. By having a good mix of interesting content, insights into your business and the odd sales blog, you’ll keep the readers coming back for more. You might even get a few groupies…




    3. Time. 

      The biggest benefit of outsourcing your blog writing is that you get your time back. You could use this time to do other more important things like running your business or eating cookies. (We won’t judge)

    4. Reduce those stress levels.

      Ever plan to write a blog post, then realise three weeks have passed and not only do you have no clue where the time went, but you also haven’t written a word? Outsource your blog writing so you never have to feel like that again.

    5. SEO. 

      The search engines love websites that are updated regularly with relevant content. If you outsource your blog writing, the quality, regularity and consistency of posts will help boost those search rankings!

    6. ‘The expert’.

      By outsourcing to the right person or agency, the content can be designed to establish you or your business as an industry expert. People trust experts and buy from people they trust.

    7. Visually appealing.

      A skilled blog writer will know where to find good quality images that work well. Humans like visuals, so blog posts with good images perform better and help retain attention for longer. They are also great for breaking up big blocks of text! Finding the right images can be time-consuming. Even more-so if you don’t know where to look.
      craft materials for visual blog writing

    8. Brand perception.

      A great blog which is on-brand and relevant to your target market is fantastic for maintaining a positive brand perception.

    9. Value for money.

      Outsourcing your blog writing to a freelancer or agency will be considerably cheaper than employing someone to do it in-house. Doing it yourself would take considerably longer and your time is precious! (mmm cookies…).

How does it work?

A good blog writer will want to understand your business, your aims and your audience. They will work with you on developing a strategy if you need it and will work to an agreed brief. They can do the research, the writing, the image sourcing and the uploading if that’s what you need.

We hope that’s helped you to understand how outsourcing your blog writing can be helpful.

If you are looking to outsource your blog writing then we’d love to help. You can book a free 15-minute call with Kimba.

Still, want to do it yourself? Here are 9 Simple Tips To Improve Your Blog.

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