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Content Marketing? Does my business need it?

Kimba writing content marketing strategy on whiteboard

Content marketing is a term that confuses the best of us. It’s the phrase we use to describe what Kimba Digital Marketing does, so we thought it might be beneficial to break it down and clarify what on earth it means…..

Let’s start at the beginning; What is content?

Content is sometimes described as assets, collateral or marketing materials. (Jargon alert!)

Ok, so what does that mean?
Here are some types of content:

  • Blog posts/articles.
  • Videos.
  • Photos.
  • Gifs.
  • Infographics.
  • Social media posts.
  • Offline forms of content include things like leaflets and magazines.

Content marketing is taking those materials and using them for marketing.

As there are now more mobile phones on the planet than people (The Independent) and we spend many hours a day on those phones consuming content, it’s a bit of a no-brainer to use content marketing in business.



What is a content strategy?

Put simply, it’s a plan of action to take your content and use it to the full.

Does every business need a content strategy?

Every business should promote their business in a way that is appropriate for their target audience. First, figure out who your customers are, then consider where they might be and finally; put together a plan to reach them, in their language. Every business is different, as is every customer.

For example, a local business coach might have a content strategy that includes a weekly blog, promoting that blog on social media and an offline marketing strategy involving in-person networking. However, a wedding photographer would be better off focusing their content marketing on building a solid Pinterest and Instagram strategy while combining this with their additional offline marketing activities including attending wedding fayres and building relationships with other wedding service providers.

This will really differ from business to business. While not every business needs a content strategy, it will definitely enhance your other marketing efforts and may set you apart from others in your industry.



Why is a great content strategy important for my brand?

Like any strategy, it will help you to plan around your other activities. With a solid plan in place, you’re much more likely to implement and the more you do, the faster you’ll be able to test, learn and improve. Some of the benefits include;

    • Feeling famous. When your content marketing strategy is top notch, people will start to notice. You’ll be out and about and people will start to recognise you or your brand from your content marketing activity. How cool is that?
    • Customers start talking about you. (In a good way!) If content marketing is done right, it can be a way to educate your current customers about all of the amazing things that your business does. This will mean that you are top of mind when someone else they know is looking for a service or product that you provide. They may not have known about it otherwise…. (yay, for unexpected referrals!)
    • Your credibility skyrockets. Something that we hear from clients often, is that we make their business look much bigger than it is. Having a regular stream of professional-looking content means that people will never believe that it’s just you in the business. This will add a fantastic level of credibility to what you do. After all, if you look that slick online, your products and services must be too!
    • Search rankings increase. Google loves good website content, simples! Content that answers what the public is searching for is exactly what search engines want to serve to their customers. If you can provide that, they will reward you by ranking your content higher in the search results. What happens when you rank higher on a search engine? More potential customers come to your website. Woop Woop!
    • Expert status. A great content strategy will result in potential customers, current customers, and peers seeing your business in a new light. They may have had an idea about what your business did before, but now they know what you do and that you’re extremely good at it. (who doesn’t want that?)
    • Leads. This is the most obvious, so saved it for last. Ultimately, you are telling people about your products or services in the hope that it will turn into a sale. Content marketing will help to build brand awareness among your target market, which will eventually lead to.. well… leads!

What we can do for you…

We hope that you’ve enjoyed the article above  and that this has helped you to understand the value of content marketing strategies for your business.  If you would like to know more about content marketing or would like to see how your business can improve we offer personal consultations for your business.  Additionally, if you would like to see how fully implemented content marketing would work for you, try out our comprehensive “Fully Managed Content Marketing Bundles”. 

We would love to hear your thoughts on the article or if you have any questions regarding our services. Please comment below!

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