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Workshop marketing with a wide target market

Things I hear all the time….

  • “The people who attend my workshops are all so different!”
  • “I can’t just target one person, so many people could benefit from my workshop”

and the dreaded…

  • “My workshop is for everyone”

closely followed by “Where should I be marketing my workshop with so many different potential participants?”

I run a course all about how to fill your workshop with the lovely Helene Jewell of Jewell Facilitation. We run it twice a year and it’s one of the most common questions we get asked. Both Helene and I have lots of experience of filling workshops so we have some strong opinions on some of the methods you can use. 

To answer the question I’ll first give you a bit of marketing basics.

Customer Profiling.
Customer profiling is all about creating a very detailed character based on the person that would buy from you. It’s the first thing that you need to do for any marketing you undertake. After all – how can you market anything if you don’t know who you are marketing to?

This customer profile is the person your workshop is made for. They are the kind of person that would press that ‘buy now’ button so quick you wouldn’t have time to blink. Because they have the problem that you solve, the money to afford it and they know, like and trust you. This person is the whole reason you run your workshop. You want to help them in some way.

Once you’ve picked your imaginary person you need to focus all of your marketing on them. I know, it makes you feel uncomfortable to leave all of those other potential buyers out of the mix. BUT – honestly – if you are solving a problem with your workshop your marketing messages will resonate with more than just your one customer profile.

Remember, if you try and help everyone with every possible problem, your message will get mixed and you’ll attract nobody. Worse than that, nobody will have a clue what you do, who you help or what your workshop is all about.

Next you need to spend some time thinking about where your ideal customer might hang out, what steps they take on the journey to that buy now button and ultimately put together a solid marketing plan to make sure they do.

(These are all exercises that we go through as part of our Marketing Your Workshop Made Easy! course.)

Then, once you’ve got that nailed down you can create more customer profiles for the other types of people you think will want to come on your workshop and go through the whole shebang again.  (If you feel you need to)

But you need to get one sorted first. Better to do one well, than all poorly.

If you’d like to learn more about the Marketing Your Workshop Made Easy! course you can do so here.

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