Guest Expert – Holly Gatrell

Raising your positivity to improve your wellness.

Holly will be discussing gratitude practices, how to connect to self through creativity, everyday mindfulness and meditation by befriending your inner critic and discovering your inner mentor. Followed by a Q&A!
Throughout her career Holly has worked as a community artist, artist in residence, a freelance designer, an artist working to commission, also teaching in schools, Universities, adult education and masterclasses.
Her own artistic practice envelops mindfulness, principles of yoga and ‘oneness’, meditation, stream of consciousness, energy and a connection with nature.
With a young family, Holly found a needed to balance life and career, and rediscovered art with a greater spiritual emphasis: meditation and yoga helped her equilibrium. Holly undertook to train in mindfulness to support her own and others learning and wellness. Her first course was a sell-out when launched: ‘Artfulness: Art & Mindfulness’ was aimed at seniors to promote greater connection to self and others and develop both artistic skills and mindfulness principles.
Passionate about fostering a connection between others and using creativity to bolster mental health and problem solving skills she started a group for like-minded people who would like to find inspiration for creativity and a more mindful lifestyle.


19 Jan 2021


18:00 - 19:00

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Holly Gatrell


Holly Gatrell
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