Guest Expert – Kate Davis

Money Mindset – How to Fix Yours

Your money mindset shapes the way you feel about debt, and how you make money, your attitude toward people who make more or less money than you, how easily you can give, your ability to invest with confidence…. it’s a big deal as a small business owner.
In this talk, Kate will help you discover what the big deal is, how to uncover the stories you are telling yourself about money, and where that may be holding you back. Most importantly, she will also share how you go about reframing and rewriting your money story to welcome more of it into your life – and bank balance.

Kate is a business coach and mindset mentor, helping already creative business owners to get out of their own way, create a rocksolid strategy and take their lives, businesses and bank balances to the next level and beyond.
Kate is an ICF accredited coach, PRINCE2agile practitioner and all round good egg.


04 Feb 2021


12:00 - 13:00

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Kate Davis


Kate Davis
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