Guest Expert – Paul Wilson

The Devil’s Triangle and You

What the Devil’s Triangle is and how it can stop you from moving forward. Paul will also talk about how we make excuses instead of taking action and why sometimes we convince ourselves those excuse are “real.”

Paul Wilson is the go-to Mindset Coach for ambitious business owners. Paul has dedicated the last 27 years to helping people, either as The Emergency Response Manager at the Channel Tunnel and the Mindset Maestro for business owners.

In 2019 Paul partnered with Lisa Johnson – creator of “Passion for Passive” an owner of the massively successful “GSD” Facebook group – to help her clients with a wide variety of mindset issues.

Paul has turned his lifelong interest in the mind and human behaviour into his new career helping people remove unwanted mental baggage and to step out of their own way. Trained in the radically different hypnosis without trance method “The Control System” created by Tim Box, Paul has studied more traditional methods including those of Milton Erickson, Dr Jonathan Royle, Jonathan Chase, Richard Bandler and Scott Jansen.


23 Nov 2020


12:00 - 13:00
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