Guest Expert – Sarah Newland

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Systems to Swoon Over

Whether you consider yourself a systems novice or you are looking to develop the way that you systemise your business, this masterclass is a look at the top 3 mistakes that I see business owners making, and how you can overcome those mistakes to create…Systems to Swoon Over.

I’m Sarah and I run KeyboardSmash. Born out of a passion to reduce the barriers which I know business owners face when moving their business forward. For me, tech, systems, processes, streaming and organisation…call it what you want, comes naturally. But I loath the idea that this could be a barrier to anyone progressing their business and achieving their goals. Whether you want to grow a team, outsource to a VA, work less or earn more. This is what systems and processes will help you to achieve.

I grew up with customer service in my blood as I worked at my dad’s business through my teens. Fascinated by logistics, his education marketing business was the perfect springboard with which to understand how different moving parts fitted together. I worked as a factory picker and packer stuffing envelopes for mailings and I quickly discovered how if one very small piece of the jigsaw was out of place how a job would become instantly cost-inefficient or worse, not possible to undertake at all.

I love what having the right systems and processes in place can do for a business owner. The power of process is profound. It can give you the confidence to raise your rates. It gives you the ability to stack out your capacity and grow because you can manage every lead that comes your way. It makes you stand head and shoulders above the competition and makes you the obvious choice for your ideal clients.


11 May 2021


14:00 - 15:00


Sarah Newland