A FREE Festive Kick Up The Bum

A day of marketing, mindset and business growth masterclasses to help you get your arse in gear in December.

Plus a week of activities, tasks, challenges, competitions, prizes, fun, support, accountability and implementation surrounding the day.

The event has now closed for sign-ups. However if you would like more info about our membership that reflects the event please click the button below:

This event will motivate you to take ACTION in your business with a variety of sessions from experts to sort out your mindset, give marketing advice, help you to keep accountable and implement what you’ve learned.

This year has been difficult and to make up for it everyone seems to be celebrating Christmas early (since, like October!?), which means that some business owners have already given up on marketing and feel there’s no point, they may as well wind down for the year. 

Just because it’s December doesn’t mean you can’t market your business.

Just because there’s a pandemic doesn’t mean you can’t make money.

Just because other people are winding down doesn’t mean that you should too.

And most importantly…Just because we’re giving you a much-needed bum kicking doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!

Expect the unexpected and some festive silliness!.

What To Expect

✔️ A pop-up group for you to network with other businesses, ask questions and stay accountable for a whole week surrounding the Festive Kick Up The Bum Day.

✔️ A day of masterclasses (details below)

✔️ Sessions designed to get you implementing immediately.

✔️ Prizes and fun surprises sprinkled in, as well as a closing party that you do not want to miss!


What NOT To Expect

An actual kick up the bum. This isn’t that kind of event. No physical arses will be kicked. This is a virtual event and a kick up the backside / arse / bum is an idiom meaning; to do or say something to try to stop someone being lazy. While we will encourage momentum in your business activities there shouldn’t be a need to actually kick you into action.

Everything done for you. We’ll give you advice and actionable tips but we won’t do it for you.

A magic quick fix. Marketing and sales take work, if you’re here for a quick fix, I’m sorry but you’re in the wrong place.

Spammy sales techniques that will alienate your audience.

To go from zero results to millionaire overnight. We hope you get a lot from this experience and you’ll undoubtedly learn some useful things, but the truth is that real results happen over time.

Important Dates

7th December

10th December

14th December

Opening the pop-up group.

The Festive Kick Up The Bum Day

The fun closing party!

Tasks, challenges, competitions, prizes, fun, support, accountability and implementation will be run throughout the week!

Not sure if it’s for you? Here are some testimonials from our past events:

Who is this event for?

Business owners looking to stop procrastinating, keep accountable, learn techniques to help them market their business and get some results before Christmas.

Who isn’t this event for?

Anyone that isn’t willing to learn, engage or take action.

❌ Excuse makers.

❌ Dickheads.


Kimba Cooper

21 Things you can do today to generate sales in your business

When a 7 year old creates a website, you know they’re going to be the tech-whizz geek type. But don’t hold that against her.

With over a decade successfully managing online marketing channels across an impressive array of industries, it’s no surprise that Kimba has more than a few pearls of wisdom to share. And there’s nothing she loves doing more.

Fascinated by new technologies and the opportunities they offer to businesses, Kimba can often be found trialling new apps and dreaming up creative ways to help her clients make their mark online.

Kimba enjoys sharing her extensive knowledge and arming her clients with the very best advice and guidance. 

Having previously run a social media agency and worked in marketing for a wide variety of companies Kimba Digital Ltd now focusses on helping businesses to use marketing for growth through their challenges, courses and an online membership. 

Paul Wilson

The Devil’s Triangle and You

What the Devil’s Triangle is and how it can stop you from moving forward. Paul will also talk about how we make excuses instead of taking action and why sometimes we convince ourselves those excuse are “real.”

Paul Wilson is the go-to Mindset Coach for ambitious business owners. Paul has dedicated the last 27 years to helping people, either as The Emergency Response Manager at the Channel Tunnel and the Mindset Maestro for business owners.

In 2019 Paul partnered with Lisa Johnson – creator of “Passion for Passive” an owner of the massively successful “GSD” Facebook group – to help her clients with a wide variety of mindset issues.

Paul has turned his lifelong interest in the mind and human behaviour into his new career helping people remove unwanted mental baggage and to step out of their own way. Trained in the radically different hypnosis without trance method “The Control System” created by Tim Box, Paul has studied more traditional methods including those of Milton Erickson, Dr Jonathan Royle, Jonathan Chase, Richard Bandler and Scott Jansen.

Delyth Parsons

How I gained 10 new clients for my coaching business in one month

In this session Del will teach you the things she did over a month to generate 10 new clients for her coaching business including: developing a killer offer, the free marketing techniques to generate good qualified enquires and the one big thing that made all the difference in converting conversations into sales.

Del is a business coach with a difference. Over the past 25 years she’s worked with the UK’s biggest and most well known brands to develop memorable marketing campaigns.

Her no nonsense Northern approach to getting things done she works with coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs to create consistent income for the business whilst still having precious time with their families and loved ones.

In this session Del will teach you the things she did over a month to generate 10 new clients for her coaching business including: developing a killer offer, the free marketing techniques to generate good qualified enquires and the one big thing that made all the difference in converting conversations into sales.

Michelle & Christian Ewen

How to Get Your Business in Your Local Newspaper Without Spending a Penny on Adverts

Michelle and Christian will tell you how and why you should get your sales message out to thousands of potential customers through the power of the press.

As two former journalists turned PR pros, Michelle and Christian Ewen have spent decades writing for some of the BIGGEST and BEST newspapers in the country such as The Guardian, The FT, The Telegraph, The Mirror, The Sunday People and The Evening Standard. They have poured more than 30 years’ combined experience into creating a FREE 5-Day Pitch to the Press Challenge, as well as toolkits and resources that are designed to help you think of something newsworthy to say to get publicity for your business and take the first steps towards GETTING YOUR STORY IN PRINT.

Niki Matyjasik

Rocking your Business with Accountability

Niki will be taking you through her 5 step process to build consistency in their business on a monthly basis in order to achieve consistent results and reach your goals.

As a business buddy and accountability coach, Niki helps female business owners to achieve more in their business. With a fresh perspective, creative ideas and the ability to quickly identify valuable changes, she help build the momentum to drive a business forward.

With a strong background in sales, marketing and buying, and years of experience working with small businesses, Niki’s helped many businesses grow by introducing strategy, consistent processes and structures that she knows work. Niki also provides business solutions and practical support to implement the changes we decide on. 


Everything will be streamed into the pop-up Facebook group, apart from the closing party which will happen in Zoom. The joining link will be emailed out to all that register as well as shared in the pop-up Facebook group.

The recordings will be available to watch in the pop-up group for the duration of the event, after which they will be available to members of Kimba’s Online Growth Club.

The pop-up group will include fun tasks and activities shared throughout the week, you don’t have to take part in all of them but we find you get out of things what you put in, so perhaps assign up to an hour per day for these (between 7th Dec and 14th Dec) .

The actual Festive Kick Up The Bum Day happens on Thurs 10th Dec – pencil in the whole day for that.

The closing party is happening on Mon 14th December in the evening, it will be between one and two hours.

A Facebook account and a Zoom account and a laptop, or a mobile or some sort of device to connect to Facebook or Zoom to watch and join in with the sessions. 

We believe that people buy from people so we won’t accept people into the Facebook group if they are using a business page – we want you to join with your personal account so we can get to know you!

This event is designed to help give you a kick up the bum – if we did everything for you, you’d never achieve anything, so no – we won’t be providing individual feedback. You are welcome to use the group to get the opinions of others though! 

This event does not include 1:1 sessions. If you’d like to ask specific questions we recommend that you should be live at the masterclasses where the speakers will answer your questions if they can.

The speakers may mention some Instagram tips, but this event is much wider than Instagram – covering lots of different marketing ideas! If you are looking to learn about Instagram specifically we encourage you to join our free Facebook group Get Leads From Instagram or join the waiting list to be the first to find out about our next free Instagram challenge

In a word, yes. I’ve worked successfully with countless businesses both product-based and service-based and from a huge cross-section of industries.The speakers also come from different backgrounds with different experiences.

Of course, but there is no obligation to buy! We’ll be opening up Kimba’s Online Growth Club to new members during the event.

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