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About Kimba.

Kimba is a successful, innovative and creative entrepreneur based in Bristol.

Kimba has been using Gamification in her personal and business life to improve results and meet her goals for as long as she can remember.

As well as running a flourishing business, in her spare time, she’s a sponsored hula hooper and has used gamification to outsell the other sponsees by 10x.

Gamification has enabled Kimba to improve all aspects of her business leading to more sales and greater results for everyone involved. Whether it’s engagement on social media posts, an increase in the number of people completing her courses or showing up live to online events, better participant retention in her challenges and memberships or getting higher quality testimonials.. everything she’s gamified has seen a marked improvement!

Kimba has gamified other areas of her personal life too, to help her fit in extra reading, exercise regularly, or learn new skills (all while having fun!)

Kimba now helps other businesses to apply gamification techniques to boost results for themselves and their customers/members. By working in this way everyone is a winner! 

Why Gamification?

Not 100% sure what Gamification is? You’re not alone.

Even Gamification professionals can’t agree on a set definition!

Here’s a quick breakdown:

Throughout history people have played games; from hopscotch to chess, from Fortnite to tiddlywinks, from conkers to cricket. We’ve all played a game and been unable to put it down because we are enjoying it so much, wanting to beat our opponent or just get to that next level…

The concept of gamification is to figure out;

  • What it is about those games that makes them so compelling
  • What elements motivate you to play
  • What we can learn from games to make non-games more successful
  • What we can take from game design to help get better results in non-game settings

Many well-known brands are using gamification in their marketing and in their courses to improve results for them and their audiences.

What is the talk about?

In this talk Kimba will discuss:

  • What on earth is Gamification anyway?
  • How Kimba used gamification as an influencer to 10x her sales compared to other influencers. (Selling products to consumers)
  • How Kimba uses gamification in her business to increase sales and engagement. (Selling services to businesses)

There will be A LOT of examples in this talk to showcase how gamification can work in to increase your following, increase your engagement and make more sales.

Please note that this talk can be tailored to give specific examples about using gamification in social media, challenge launches, affiliate launches, memberships, online courses or online events like summits to get better results for your and your audience.

Here’s what other people think

Kimba spoke at my summit about gamification! Her session was engaging, inspiring and full of ideas and bespoke examples that everyone could follow.

Becca Pountney

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