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Discover HOW big brands use Gamification to MASSIVELY improve results and solve problems

And learn how to APPLY those tools and techniques ethically in your own business! 

Would you like to:

By learning about the gamification tools and techniques used by other businesses you’ll be able to apply them to your own business to solve business problems!  

Gamification can help with a lot more than what’s listed here, but in essence, it boils down to motivating yourself or others to take action. 

Gamification Insider can help with that! 

What is Gamification?

From hopscotch to chess, from Fortnite to tiddlywinks, from conkers to cricket. We’ve all played a game and been compelled to keep playing because we are enjoying ourselves, want to beat our opponent or just get to that next level. 

Gamification brings together psychological tools, techniques and elements found in games to motivate you or others to take action in non-game settings. 

It’s perfect for solving all sorts of problems and improving results in business. 

What kinds of things can Gamification be used for?

In short, it’s best used to motivate yourself or others to do something that is boring. 

In Gamification Insider we’ll be looking at how organisations use Gamification to:


Calling business owners (and budding detectives)!

Do you want to be part of a club that investigates and uncovers: 

Then you need to join Gamification Insider!

This is what a 1:1 client though of Kimba's Gamification Expertise:

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Did you know that organisations big and small use gamification to game you into taking action?

Thankfully, they leave BIG clues lying around so we can figure out what game methods they’re using! 

The Gamification Insider membership will help you unravel the mystery so that you can use these methods in your business too! 

We’re going to get out our magnifying glass, unlock clues and solve the puzzles of gamification together so that you can master the secret weapon that successful brands don’t want you to know about! 

What is Gamification Insider?

A multi-tiered membership for business owners that want to use Gamification in their business to improve results or solve problems.
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Big Business Gamification without the Big Business Budget.

Gamification is a mix of science, psychology, marketing and creativity. Doing it right can be time-consuming, confusing and costly (when you don’t have the know-how). 

In Gamification Insider, you get the low-down on how big brands and businesses are using techniques to get results, solve business problems and meet quotas/objectives. 

Whether it’s engagement, sales or lead generation, we’ll look at the way brands and services, such as the NHS, Amazon and more, use game techniques to improve their results and how you can implement them in your own business. 

Who doesn’t LOVE a Whodunit?

In the Gamification Insider mysteries, we know the ‘who’ (That’s the brands, organisations and services), but together we will solve:

A Gamification Hot Seat Testimonial:

*Hot Seats available on Inspector and above levels

What's Included?

Compare the levels.

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Discovery Codebreaker
Tier Details
The Inside Scoop
A monthly deep-dive into an organisation or service and how they are using Gamification in their business. This magazine article-style exposé will share the gamification tools they’re using and why.
Facebook Community
A community to talk all things gamification and meet new business buddies!
Codebreaker Clubs
Our virtual meetup to discuss and learn from that month’s Inside Scoop.
Including questions and tasks to help you break the code and really understand the gamification tools and techniques used so that you can apply them in your business.
Gamification Guest Experts
Occasionally we’ll bring in an external expert to talk about their experiences of using gamification or to talk about gamification software that you can use in your business.
Discounts on other Kimba Digital products and services, along with gamification tools and software. The higher your tier, the better the discounts!
Monthly Cost £7.99 £27.97
Annual Cost £79 £279
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Why Kimba?

Kimba is a successful, innovative and creative entrepreneur based in Bristol. 

Kimba has been using Gamification in her personal and business life to improve results and meet her goals for as long as she can remember.

As well as running a flourishing business, in her spare time, she’s a sponsored hula hooper and has used gamification to outsell the other sponsees by 10x. 

Gamification has enabled Kimba to improve all aspects of her business leading to more sales and greater results for everyone involved. Whether it’s engagement on social media posts, an increase in the number of people completing her courses or showing up live to online events, better participant retention in her challenges and memberships or getting higher quality testimonials.. everything she’s gamified has seen a marked improvement!

A great example of this, comparing the last two challenges that Kimba ran which upsold to her Instagram course. By adding in just a handful of Gamification elements she went from a 1.1% conversion rate to a 2.9% conversion rate – an increase of 162%. 

The final InstaMind course, (10 week Instagram course) saw…

  • A 29% increase in people completing the course compared to last time…
  • 52% increase in posts in the group, compared to the previous round.
  • AND a 16% increase in Active Users (the number of users active in the group across the 10 weeks) compared to previous round.

Kimba has gamified other areas of her personal life too, to help her fit in extra reading, exercise regularly, or learn new skills (all while having fun!)

Kimba now helps other businesses to apply gamification techniques to boost results for themselves and their customers/members. By working in this way everyone is a winner!  

*Templates available on Inspector and above levels.


There are four membership tiers at different prices. Find out more here. 

There is no minimum time commitment.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll get access to all the goodies included in your tier and can take part as much or as little as you like in each!

If you sign up, you will be signing up for a recurring membership. You can leave at any time and your membership will end at the end of that month or year’s contract – depending on what you signed up for.

Only the VIP Level will have access to Kimba 1:1 as detailed above.

In a word, yes. I’ve worked successfully with countless businesses both product-based and service-based and from a huge cross-section of industries.

The Inside Scoop will review businesses that do all sorts of things and we’ll endeavour to feature lots of different types of businesses and industries in Gamification Insider.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade to a different membership tier (or contract type from monthly to annual for example) at any time. Just contact and we’ll get it sorted for you!

Due to the nature of the membership, you will have access to all of the content in the membership area straight away. It is therefore not possible for us to offer refunds – you are able to leave the membership at any point though and your contract will end at the end of your contract period without further payments being taken.

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