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Codebreaker Club May Replay.

The Gamification Insider detective collective has ruled: each Codebreaker Club recording shall remain accessible for four weeks, beyond which it shall vanish without a trace. Thus, this recording’s final hour looms, extending only until Thursday, 4th July 2024.  

Catch Up.

Should you have missed this month’s rendezvous with the Codebreaker Club, there’s no need for concern. We’ve prepared a set of inquiries for you to deliberate upon, tailored to complement the recorded session.

These questions are your key to unlocking the potential of the gamification techniques unveiled in this month’s Inside Scoop and discovering their application within your own business!

In pursuit of truth 🔍

Technique 1 | Leaderboards.

  1. Consider the ways that leaderboards can be used and how you can use them in your business. Refer back to previous Inside Scoops for inspiration.

Technique 2 | Relatedness.

You may see people posting what seems like random or pointless questions on their socials or in their Facebook groups. People say that it’s to generate engagement for the sake of it. However, it can be about relatedness and not random at all. Bringing the community together on things they can easily contribute to. They can also join in with each other when someone else responds with something they agree about.

  1. What qualities make a good ‘relatedness’ question for a community or social media audience? For example, the algorithms tend to prefer things which are negative as they generate more comments. So a quality of a good question to spark engagement and be relatable could be that the question is negative or controversial.
  2. Write some questions for your social media / communities by using the qualities listed above.

Struggling? Please post in GI Agency HQ (the Facebook group) and ask your fellow detectives for help.

Technique 3 | Novelty.

  1. Pick a common business problem to solve using novelty. Something you find boring, or procrastinate about doing. Choose from one of these if you can’t think of any in your own business:
    • Prioritising your to-do list.
    • Reading business books.
    • Tracking, or recording receipts /invoices.
    • Engaging on social media.
    • Email management.
    • Updating your website.
    • Diary management.
  2. Write down as many ideas as possible for how you could add novelty to that problem to make it more interesting. Here are some prompts to help you!
    • Change the order it’s completed in. (Backwards, random etc)
    • Change the location.
    • Change the medium. (writing for video)
    • Use a timer.
    • Buddy up with others.
    • Use the 5 senses.
    • Approach it differently (use your non-dominant hand)
    • Tools. Are there software, or apps that could help?

Struggling? Please post in GI Agency HQ (the Facebook group) and ask your fellow detectives for help.   

Technique 4 | Competence.

Watch these videos: 

  1. Think of something you need to help someone to understand better (that someone can be you, your social media audience, your course members, your membership members anyone!)
  2. How can you make that concept as simple as possible for them to guess, or workout for themselves so that they feel competent?

Struggling? Please post in GI Agency HQ (the Facebook group) and ask your fellow detectives for help.   


You’ve hopefully now got plenty of ideas for what to implement in your business from these four techniques and you’re probably thinking oh crap how am I going to fit all of this in? You don’t have to.      
  1. I want you to spend the next 5 minutes looking at all of the ideas you’ve written down and circle your top three. You can choose how you prioritise them depending on what’s important in your business right now, could be that you pick three revenue-generating activities, or choose three that don’t take much time or something else.
  2. Put a star next to the ONE non-negotiable. If you only get one of your top three done this month that non-negotiable starred item is one you need to do!
  3. Post on this post in GI Agency HQ to let us know what your one non-negotiable is for this month so we can hold you accountable.

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