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Are you looking for an online marketing expert to speak live in your online membership group, Facebook group or online mentorship programme?

Kimba has spoken in over a hundred online groups about topics such as How To Get Leads From Instagram and Gameification

The types of groups range from general business groups to specific niches like wedding business groups, dance business groups and a group for independent artists.

Kimba has also spoken on Youtube live and in online summits. 

Why Instagram?

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform right now.

60% of users say they discovered new products on Instagram* which means that they are spending money on products and services they found on Instagram.

It’s the place to be for businesses of all shapes and sizes in 2019. 

Ok, I’m in! What are your talks about and why Kimba?

Instagram Talk Blurb:

For businesses that want to learn how to grow their Instagram following in a highly targeted way. 

In this session, Kimba will give an overview of the core things you need to do for effective Instagram Marketing. You’ll leave this session feeling clear on what steps you need to take to attract a highly targeted following on Instagram (which you can then sell to)

There will be a chance for questions at the end.

Kimba's Bio:

When a 7 year old creates a website, you know they’re going to be the tech-whizz geek type. But don’t hold that against her.

Kimba runs Kimba Digital – based in Bristol. However, her biggest love is Instagram (just don’t tell the fiancé). When the platform first appeared, Kimba was straight in there with her hula hooping hobby. She quickly became a micro-influencer and gained sponsorship from an American hula hoop company, outselling the other sponsees by 10x. 

Today, Kimba and her team help businesses to grow a targeted audience and generate sales on Instagram. Her #InstaBizWeek free challenge has helped more than 7,000 businesses and led to the launch of InstaMind, an online interactive Instagram Mastermind. 

What Kimba doesn’t know about Instagram (and hula-hooping), isn’t worth knowing.

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