We don’t have a date set for the next challenge yet but we run them a few times a year – sign up now to be the first to find out when we plan the next one!

Learn How To Gain Targeted Leads From Instagram (for Free) In a Fun 5 Day Challenge

#InstaBizWeek is 5 days of challenges, content, and community designed to help you level up your Instagram for business game. 

  • Have you been using Instagram without much success?
  • Maybe you’ve never tried Instagram for business?
  • Think Instagram isn’t for you?
  • If you do use Instagram are you fed up of people following you just to unfollow you again?
  • Perhaps you’ve been posting on Instagram but haven’t had much return?

This challenge will help you to:

  • Get CLEAR on who you are targetting on Instagram – trust me you’ll get better results if you focus on the right people, not everyone.
  • Showcase how EXACTLY you help those people (so that they can buy from you!)
  • Start to use some of the KEY Instagram features that generate leads for FREE.

This challenge is designed to give you a basic understanding of my methods so that you can engage with your target market on Instagram without being spammy – Ultimately leading to them buying from you as they love you and your Insta brand!

It’s easy to take part.

The challenge takes place in a private Facebook group, meaning it’s a ‘safe’ space for you to talk about you, your business and Instagram. No silly questions in here!

Each day a new video is loaded into the group with the daily task and generally takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Get feedback in the group.

The Kimba Digital team and ambassadors are in the group each day to answer any questions you may have – so you’ll be supported every step of the way.

Plus there’s lots of other businesses in there too – so this is a fantastic networking opportunity!

How this #InstaBizWeek challenge will help you:

As Instagram is one of the hottest social media networks around, it can be difficult to know where too start and to gain visibility on the platform. And if you’re not a professional photographer you can feel a little overwhelmed with trying to make the perfect post and end up not posting at all – or rarely!

This challenge will simplify what you need to do – and we start with looking at you and your business before we do anything else. By the end of #InstaBizWeek you’ll be confident that your Instagram account tells your perfect clients and customers who you are and how you can help them and you’ll be buzzing to start posting regularly – and begin bringing in those leads and sales.

The challenge is structured to be bitesize, fun and easy to engage with. We know life can get busy, so we make it as easy as possible for you to take part. One task a day, posted in the group, which generally takes then 10 minutes to complete. If you need help, either the team or ambassadors (people who know my methods inside out), will be on hand to give guidance and answer your questions.

As there’s a fantastic range of businesses in the challenge, there’ll be hundreds of people supporting, cheerleading and helping you improve your Instagram game. Get to know some amazing people, learn something for free and have some fun- why not give it a go!

Whether you have 1 post or 100 – the challenge is open to everyone who has an Instagram. We want you to be successful whatever your experience,  business or background.

When is the challenge happening? 

We don’t have a date set for the next challenge yet but we run them a few times a year – sign up now to be the first to find out when we plan the next one!

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A bit about Kimba.

When a 7 year old creates a website, you know they’re going to be the tech-whizz geek type. But don’t hold that against her. Kimba runs Kimba Digital – a social media agency based in Bristol.

However, her biggest love is Instagram (just don’t tell the fiancé). When the platform first appeared, Kimba was straight in there with her hula hooping hobby. She quickly became a micro-influencer and gained sponsorship from an American hula hoop company, outselling the other sponsees by 10x.

Today, Kimba and her team help businesses to grow a targeted audience and generate sales on Instagram. Her #InstaBizWeek free 5 day challenge helped more than 5,000 businesses so far.

What Kimba doesn’t know about Instagram (and hula-hooping), isn’t worth knowing.

Think Instagram isn’t for you?

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform with people and businesses flocking there on mass.

Kimba has helped businesses from a huge range of industries to get leads from Instagram (including non-visual and service based businesses!)

This challenge is designed to help any type of business to get the foundations in place for success with Instagram.

What’s stopping you?

We’ll be putting in 100% effort for this week and expect the same from you to get results for your business. 

It’s free and it’s only 5 days…

We don't have a date set for the next challenge yet but we run them a few times a year - sign up now to be the first to find out when we plan the next one!

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