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Learn How To Gain Targeted Leads From Instagram (without paid ads)

And Finally Have A Method That Keeps On Working.

Getting leads on social media can be tough. Once upon a time you could hop onto Facebook and easily get sales leads coming in. But then the algorithm changed and business started drying up.

You’ve been told how amazing Instagram can be for business but all the features; stories, IGTV, hashtags, your grid…it’s a bit overwhelming… can it really work for me?

If you’re looking to learn how generate leads for your business from Instagram without wasting time or energy. Then you need to follow a method that works. 

  •  You don’t need to use every single Instagram feature to get leads
  • You don’t have to be a ‘visual business’.
  • You don’t need to post photos of you on the beach in your swimmers.
  • You need to follow a step by step process that works and that’s what we provide in the InstaMind course.

Have you?

  • Opened Instagram, felt overwhelmed and quickly closed the app?
  • Given Instagram a go without much success?
  • Ignored Instagram because you don’t think it’s right for your type of business?
  • Turned off Instagram by the constant following and unfollowing tactics used by others?
  • Been interested in Instagram but feeling lost about what you do and don’t need to do?
  • Wanted a simple way to get leads from Instagram?

If so, InstaMind is for you!

Learn the RIGHT way to use Instagram so you can feel confident and get leads from your dream customers without having to use every feature or becoming a tech master.

The InstaMind is a 10 week programme that reveals exactly HOW to get the platform working for you and your business It takes you right from the beginning through to more advanced methods that will see you grow an audience full of your dream customers and leads dropping into your inbox.   

You will discover

  • HOW to grow your following so that more of the right people start seeing your business
  • HOW to make your Instagram visually appealing even when you don’t have a visual-based business
  • HOW to use Instagram’s features to get leads and grow your business
  • HOW to get leads from Instagram in the quickest, most efficient way so you have time to do the one million other things on your business and life to-do lists.
  • WHAT you don’t need to be doing to get leads from Instagram – avoiding shiny object syndrome and saving you time.
Get confident with Instagram and have a consistent method for generating leads so you can finally squash the stress and feel excited about what you do.

Think Instagram isn’t for you?

Let’s get real for a moment, though. 

Building a business still requires the right mindset and attitude. There’s no magic wand and no Knight in Shining Armour. 

If you want to:

  • Magically make 6 figures overnight
  • Get results without putting in any effort
  • Automate everything so you can put your feet up
  • Become an influencer in the next 7 days
  • Use every single feature (just because everyone else is)
 Then the InstaMind is NOT for you.

However, if you:

  • Understand that building a business takes time and effort
  • Are looking for an organic way to get consistent leads in your business
  • Want an efficient method that makes the most of your time up
  • Are ready to implement and take the action to get RESULTS

Then, welcome! The Instamind has been created just for you.

Discover The Tried And Tested Methods That The Cookie Cutters Don’t Teach.

This is not some cookie cutter course that someone has been taught by a “guru” that doesn’t really get results. This is based on my own personal success on Instagram. 

Hi, I’m Kimba and I love hula hooping…it almost sounds like a confession!

When a company decided to sponsor me, I used Instagram to outsell the others they had sponsored by x 10. But I didn’t stop there. I then took these methods and applied them to my digital marketing agency.

My Methods Resulted In More Leads And More Sales, Growing My Business & My Income

That’s right, I successfully grew a service-based, non-visual business on Instagram (having previously sold products for another business!).

I’m self taught. I’ve tried and tested different these methods to discover what does and does not work. And now you get to benefit from my insights as I share everything I’ve learnt in the InstaMind. You will not discover these methods being taught anywhere else.  

During the 10 weeks we:

Define your ideal client

Get clarity around what you are selling

Craft the perfect bio

Learn how to get a consistent look and feel to your grid

Set Instagram objectives

Learn how to use hashtags

Discuss different content ideas

Learn a variety of visual content tips

Find and engage with your target market

Discover how to use IG Stories, Highlights, IG Live and IGTV

Increase your following

Learn how to use your insights

You also receive:

Private Facebook Group

Access to a private Facebook group where support is only a click away

Daily Training Videos

Daily training videos that keep you moving the forward and growing in confidence (released weekly so if you prefer to work in time-blocks you can!)

Ask Me Anything Sessions

Regular Ask Me Anything sessions so you can get answers to ALL your Instagram questions

Daily Training Videos

Daily training videos that keep you moving the forward and growing in confidence (released weekly so if you prefer to work in time-blocks you can!)

Ask Me Anything Sessions

Regular Ask Me Anything sessions so you can get answers to ALL your Instagram questions

PDF's & Help Sheets

Downloadable PDFs and help sheets to further your understanding of Instagram and to improve your results

Bonus Material

Get access to bonus material, such as guest expert sessions on Reels, Influencers, Content and ... even more released on completion of tasks and activities in the course!

Everything you need to GET LEADS from those DREAM CUSTOMERS

You don’t need to be raking it in or have it all figured out & you don’t even need an Instagram account.

I know, everything out there seems to be aimed at people already making a ton of money from their business, completely have their act together (whatever that means) or who are already starting to make it on Instagram.

But the InstaMind is different. We start from the very beginning and give you everything you need. You don’t have to be ready yet – you just need to be interested in using Instagram to grow your business.

One previous InstaMindee didn’t even have a business when she started. By the end of the programme, she had started her business and was already getting leads and making sales within 5 weeks. 

Plus, I understand the vicious circle when you’re first starting out. You need help to make money and you need money to get help.

That’s why I introduced a payment plan at no extra cost – it makes the InstaMind very affordable.

Want to join the FINAL InstaMind?

Join Now And Get The InstaMind At The Price of £1399 (That’s a saving of £200 if you pay in full!)

or use our 12 month payment plan and pay £133.25 per month (total cost – £1599) 

Sign up and get bonuses worth over £2,500, including:

Virtual photoshoot

A Virtual Photoshoot with an expert photographer.... to create a pack of photos to use on Instagram and beyond.
(worth £199)

Canva for Instagram

Learn how to use Canva for Instagram to create your own branded graphics.
(worth £97)

Ultimate Hashtag Guide

The Ultimate Hashtag Guide for Instagram: Learn everything you need to know about hashtags on Instagram.
(worth £27)

Time management Tips

Think you won't be able to fit the course in around your busy schedule?

We include a Time management tips and tricks PDF helping you manage your time both with the InstaMInd and beyond.
(worth £27)

Masterclass Recordings

Recordings of masterclasses from the 2020 #OnlineGrowthSummit AND the Festive Kick Up the Bum Event including training on lead magnets, video marketing, PR, mindset, accountability, sales tips and growing a loyal audience.
(worth £394)

Content Creation Guide

Worried you're not creative enough to come up with consistent content ideas?

This guide shows you how to come up with 3 months worth of content in an hour!
(worth £47)

Guest Experts

We're dropping in some amazing additional guest expert sessions which you can access if you complete parts of the course within a set timeframe... to help motivate you to take action so that you can get results!
(worth £147)

9 Months Group Support

The team and Kimba will be on hand for 9 months after the InstaMind course finishes to answer any questions you might have.
(worth £441)


After the course finishes, you'll have an additional 9 Q&A's to ask any questions you might have about Instagram.
(worth £711)

+ Extra bonuses for action takers throughout the course, which will include special training sessions, prizes and more including (but not limited to):

Instagram Ads

Our Instagram ads expert will present a guest expert session on how to get to grips with Instagram Ads.
(worth £147)

Pinterest Training

Learn how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your Instagram account.
(worth £147)

DIY Content Plan

Lisa Barry, content marketing coach, will take you through 4 simple steps to create your own bespoke content plan.
(worth £27)

Sign up within 48 hours and you’ll also have:

Hot Seat Call

Sign up in the first 48 hours (by 9pm BST 31st March 2021) and receive a VIP group hot seat call with Kimba (max 10 people on the call). This is your chance to ask your burning questions directly to Kimba and to get bespoke feedback on a video call.
(worth £99)

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