Make your social media posts even more engaging.

…grab our latest Gamification Social Media Posts template pack

Make your social media posts more engaging.

…grab our Gamification social media template pack

Have you?

Run out of new ideas to engage your audience on your social media accounts?

Found that your audience doesn’t want to  interact with your posts?

Tried to be more fun  and interactive in your social media posts but hit a brick wall?

Then these templates might be for you…

If used properly these templates will help you to:

Increase the size of your Audience..

Increase engagement on your posts.

Increase your knowledge of your audience (market research).

Increase your audience’s knowledge of you (to help with the know, like and trust).

Eventually, if used well these templates can even generate conversions for your business.

Sounds good – What’s included in this pack?

30 canva templates to play games in your on your social media accounts.

  • Designed for all social media accounts
  • These templates are split into 5 different types of games with a range of styles and ideas in each that you can customise for your brand.
  • These templates are 100% customisable, everything from colours and fonts, to images and style… make them your own!

An explainer video that shows you how to use the templates.

A PDF with even more information on how to make the most of the templates with tips and explanations of how each style of template can benefit your business.

How much?

An extremely affordable £17.99 for 30 templates.

That’s less than 60p each!

These templates will not:
  • Blow up your audience overnight (If they do, please let us know, it will be great for our marketing!)
  • Write themselves, you have to use a bit of creativity to make them work.
  • Make you a cup of tea (sorry!)


explained. identified. made easy.

Why is engagement important in your social media posts?

Engagement is a funny thing. You know you need it, but do you know why it’s so important?

Higher engagement in your social media marketing can lead to better results for your business and for your audience too.

More social media engagement is a sign that:

  • People are watching what you do and are interested
  • Your content is hitting the mark, which means that people want to see more from you
  • It’s a demonstration to the social media algorithm gods that people like your content and therefore that post is worth showing to more people
  • It’s also a sign for the social media algorithm gods that certain people like that post and therefore it should show more of your content to those people


How do you get that elusive engagement?

Everyone is different and therefore; not everyone will respond to the same methods when it comes to trying to motivate them to engage with your content. 

Also, there will always be some people who prefer not to engage on social media at all, they like to simply browse and observe.

You are extremely unlikely to get 100% social media engagement, you definitely won’t hit the mark with every post, but you can increase your engagement by considering a few things and tweaking parts of your social media marketing to ensure that you’re speaking to these different types of people.

Games are great for engagement, market research and more!

Everyone has played a game even if they don’t consider themselves a ‘gamer’

From a game of kickabout in the park to naughts and crosses, Farmville to Fortnight, space invaders to chess and more… everyone has played a game.

Make it easy for your audience to engage with your content by playing games with them.

But why do you care about any of that?

If the social media platforms show your posts to more people, that’s more eyes on what you do and more potential buyers.

If they show more of your content to the same people, those people are reminded of you and what you sell on a regular basis. The more that people are exposed to your brand, the more likely they are to buy from you when they need what you sell.

Also, if these people are engaging with your content, it’s a signal that they like it, or find it interesting enough to engage with. If people feel like they are getting something valuable from social media interactions with you, it can contribute positively toward how people feel about your brand overall.

The case for offering touchpoints across multiple channels is increasingly being made, with analysts such as McKinsey offering a clear cut reason to give consumers more chance to interact – both to boost sales and generate positive sentiment around your brand.

In essence, more engagement = more sales. Maybe not today but eventually. It’s also a pretty nice ego-boost to receive likes and comments 😉

If your goal is brand awareness and building a relationship with your audience, then engagement is a more important KPI” Jeraldine Phneah, regional account manager at Socialbakers Asia Pacific.

Why Kimba ?

Kimba is a successful, innovative and creative entrepreneur based in Bristol.

Kimba has been using Gamification in her personal and business life to improve results and meet her goals for as long as she can remember.

As well as running a flourishing business, in her spare time, she’s a sponsored hula hooper and has used gamification to outsell the other sponsees by 10x.

Gamification has enabled Kimba to improve all aspects of her business leading to more sales and greater results for everyone involved.

Whether it’s engagement on social media posts, an increase in the number of people completing her courses or showing up live to online events, better participant retention in her challenges and memberships or getting higher quality testimonials.. everything she’s gamified has seen a marked improvement!

Kimba has gamified other areas of her personal life too, to help her fit in extra reading, exercise regularly, or learn new skills (all while having fun!)

Kimba now helps other businesses to apply gamification techniques to boost results for themselves and their customers/members.

By working in this way everyone is a winner!


In a word – yes! 

Thee templates can be adapted for any business/industry. And we’ve given you notes on how to adapt them to your business and requirements.

All the templates have been created to be used by free Canva accounts – so no need for a paid one!

Due to the nature of the templates means you will have access to all them straight away therefore we are unable to give refunds.  If you have any issues please contact us at

Unfortunately no, If they do, please let us know, it will be great for our marketing!

However with consistent posting and posting varied and interesting content for your audience along with these templates means that you can have an increased and engaged audience.

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