Quick Wins Week

Ready for some quick wins in your business?

Quick Wins Week returns soon!
(The group opens 16th September and sessions start on 20th)

Ready for some quick wins in your business?  

Ready for a week of action taking?

Quick Wins Week isn’t an ordinary online event.

It’s a week designed to help you to pinpoint quick wins in your business and implement them there and then.

Quick Wins Sessions.

Guidance for how to get quick wins in these areas of your business, with implementation time built in!


Visibility is one of those words that gets bandied about.

You know it’s vital to your business.

You know your business needs to be visible to grow an audience and to make sales, but maybe it’s not your bag, you’re a bit scared of it or you just never get around to it?

In these sessions, we will share several ways that you can make a dent in those visibility tasks that can be started in less than 10 minutes.

Market / Customer research

Ever wish you understood what your audience wants or needs, so you can provide products and services that would be useful?
Wonder where your dream customer hangs out?
What they want to hear about?
What their problems are?

Fully understanding your customers and potential customers is the magic that you could be missing in marketing and product/service development.

In these sessions, we will share several ways that you can develop and use market research that can be started in less than 10 minutes.

Making Money

Making money is pretty high on the priority list when it comes to business, but how do you know which tasks will generate you income?

How do you know what to prioritise when you’re low on time to make you money?

What can you be doing today to make you some income months down the line?

In these sessions, we will share several ways that you can make a dent in those money making tasks that can be started in less than 10 minutes.

Built into the sessions will be implementation time so that you don’t just learn and then put your notes away to never be looked at again….

You get sh*t done now.

Meaning you achieve those quick wins, instead of thinking about maybe implementing them one day.

Or writing another list of things you should do when you get time, whenever that might be. 🤷

Come along, work out what you need to do and get it started. There and then.

Connect with other businesses.

Also included in this fun week will be social events; giving you the opportunity to meet other businesses and get to know each other!

You’ll have a chance to make new business buddies, and showcase your business.

Secret Sessions.

There is zero point attending lots of training sessions and not implementing.

You can read business books all day long but if you don’t action what you’ve read, you’ve wasted your time.

At Kimba Digital Ltd we like action takers and so… implementers in Quick Wins Week will be rewarded with the prize of secret sessions. That’s right, sessions that are only accessible to those that get sh*t done!


A little birdie has told is that one of the secret sessions may involve video…

Other Quick Wins.

In the typical Kimba Digital style, there will also be other chances to win prizes throughout the week…


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