Secret Session - Friday | #QuickWinsWeek.

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Secret Session | Friday.

Watch the replay of Overcoming Overwhelm.

What is it all about?

The session includes tips, tricks and strategies to support your effective use of time so that you work more productively without overwhelm.

You will leave the session with ideas on how you can stop becoming overwhelmed as well as beating burnout.

About Yvonne.

Yvonne Phillip aka Yves, is a Success and Visibility Consultant, Speaker and Author with over 30 years experience on work in the corporate, creative and charitable sectors. 

Yves believes that you have to stand out to fit in and not only do you have to stand out to fit in but if women sustain themself they can sustain the world. 

So she helps those who feel stuck and frustrated in their business and careers to get clarity, confidence and credibility with their personal brands so they can get visible. Yves supports her clients to be uniquely themselves on and offline in a way that represents them and the message they want to send.

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