Secret Session - Thursday | #QuickWinsWeek.

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Secret Session | Thursday.

Watch the replay of Developing Your Confidence On Camera.

What is it all about?

Video content is king. 

We can build the same relationships with customers in an onsite business, but within a digital world. It’s fast, scalable and surprisingly cost effective. 

But there’s a huge barrier in the way. Us. 

We don’t like being confronted by our own face and voice on screen. 

This talk offers some simple, actionable steps to help you show up as the star you are.

About Lee.

How do you go from being a Chocolatier to a Video Educator & Podcaster, you start an IT business of course!!! If you own a business, work in a business, are on social media, scroll instagram, follow people’s dance moves on TikTok…then you know…Video is the thing. 

As a business owner, you are told, USE VIDEO! On Instagram, you are told, POST REELS. Videos get more engagement, that has been proven. So we know we should use videos for our business, but many of us don’t know where to start. It can be intimidating. Lee takes the guesswork out of it! 

She is the owner of IT Central (in Scotland!) and has recently launched The Video Production Academy! Lee is a lot of fun and has extensive experience within media, education and business. Her media speciality is editing, although she describes herself as an all-rounder. In business she specializes in development, strategy and marketing. It is her passion to help “tech stressed business owners” create videos for their business!

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