Secret Session - Thursday | #QuickWinsWeek.

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Secret Session | Thursday.

Join Paul for Pilot Your Sales - The 10 Minute Sales Script 3rd Mar @ 2:30pm.

What is it all about?

How to craft a sales script in 10 minutes that can be used in any situation: ambassador calls, sales calls, follow up calls, engagement calls and more…

About Paul.

It’s not every day you meet a pilot and sales coach. Paul Green is both of these things. He takes his 10 years experience from the commercial cockpit and uses it to help businesses navigate uncertain times. 

He has worked with a wide range of businesses and entrepreneurs; from small startups to larger household names such as the NHS and GSK – on strategy, team-building, leadership development or just how to get that next sale. 

In March 2020 Paul was made redundant from his dream job as an airline pilot due to the Covid pandemic but instead of sitting around feeling sorry for himself he decided to set up his own business: The Cockpit Method. Now he is ready to help you take control and Pilot Your Sales.

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