Secret Session - Tuesday | #QuickWinsWeek.

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Secret Session | Tuesday.

Join Dino Tartaglia for Make Better Decisions 1st Mar @ 4pm.

What is it all about?

We are all beset by hundreds of tiny decisions every day, usually dressed up as choices, and some larger ones that have more obvious impact. 

Our brains use a tremendous amount of physical energy to process thinking, especially hard thinking, which is why so many business owners avoid hard thinking like the plague – it’s exhausting! 

So, when we come to make the Big Decisions, we often take the path of least resistance, fooling ourselves into believing that we’ve ‘thought it through’…then we reap the consequences of the shiny object we bought, the ineffective coach we signed up with, the forward-thinking investment that ended up being a sunk cost…and so on.

This talk will tackle your personal culture of decision making, how you can reduce your cognitive load, free up headspace/energetic bandwidth and, simply, Make Better Decisions.

About Dino.

Formerly, a Chartered Electronics Engineer. 

Moved into Business Development, then Business Troubleshooting. Helped over 1,000 businesses get clarity, start up, close down, exceed their targets, or otherwise solve their business problems, from €6+Bn Globals to kitchen-table entrepreneurs barely making £30k/year. 

Lived & worked in 23 countries on 5 continents over 30+ years; visited & conducted business in over 100 countries (and counting). 

Now helping small business owners build a thriving business around being brilliant at what they do, so that they can get closer to What Matters Most to them.

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