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Content Marketing Takeover

Boost your business blog, revitalise your social media presence and accelerate your email marketing campaigns with regular, professional content marketing that showcases your business at its best.

By outsourcing your content marketing in its entirety you’ll achieve more consistency across your blog and social media channels, you’ll only have one provider to communicate with and you can relax, knowing everything is in safe hands and you can just get on with business.

Banish the overwhelm and let us take over the reins. Get your business ready for the ride of its life. We’ll give you an online presence to be proud of.

What can you expect?

Step 1: Getting down to business

We’ll dig deep into your business during a 90-minute strategy session, identifying your target audience and key messages, and talking about tone of voice and the way you like to come across. Then we’ll work with you generate blog post ideas that include your keywords for best effect, social media content themes and email marketing campaigns to tie it all together. We’ll put in place a plan designed specifically to meet your business aims.

Step 2: Creation of captivating content

Once the plan is in place, we’ll run with it from there. We’ll liaise with relevant people in your business to write engaging, high-quality blogs, create and curate impactful social media posts and check and double check that everything is on-brand and ready to go out into the world.

Step 3: Making sure you’re happy

You’ll have the chance to review everything we create before it’s posted, to make sure happy with the job we’re doing. And if there’s anything at all that you’re not sure about you only need ask. We’ll even throw in some tips and advice for your team, so they can create authentic posts to run alongside the ones we’re sharing.

You’ll leave with plenty of ideas and the new skills to get your chosen platform(s) working hard for you from day one.

Step 4: Getting down and dirty with the data

We know that when you’re investing heavily in a service, you want to be able to see tangible returns. That’s why we produce analytics reports every single month. So, you can see how we’re doing. But we don’t just do that for your benefit. We use those reports too, to see what’s working, what’s not working and to change up the way we do things for subsequent months. Because we want to see your social channels growing and improving month on month just as much as you do.

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