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Social Media Coaching

If you’re not ready to hand over to someone else, but you’re desperate to up your social media game, our ongoing coaching could be just the ticket. You’ll gain impressive skills in content marketing and social media and benefit from expert (and super friendly) support to keep you on track and accountable.

What can you expect?

Step 1: Getting the basics right

An informal chat about your business and current concerns with social media and content marketing. We’ll make a decision about which platform or skill area will be the most beneficial for you to focus on. You’ll be able to choose from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, blog writing, email marketing (Mailchimp) or content marketing strategy.

Step 2: Creating a baseline

Once we’ve chosen what we’re going to concentrate on we’ll create a report of activity for the past month. This will become the baseline and will be emailed to you before our initial workshop. A baseline is vital so we can make sure we’re improving.

Step 3: Gaining skills and ideas relevant to YOUR business

We’ll arrange a 90-minute session to make sure you and your team are ready to hit the ground running. We’ll spend plenty of time getting to know your business and its objectives. And we’ll create a bespoke session based on these, taking into account your target customers and existing strategies.

You’ll leave with plenty of ideas and the new skills to get your chosen platform(s) working hard for you from day one.

Step 4: Laser-targeted coaching every month

Each month we’ll produce a report, including analytics from your chosen platform(s), to show your progress and identify areas for improvement. We’ll then meet for a 60-minute coaching session during which we can address problem areas highlighted in the report and answer any social media related questions you might have.

Social Media Packages

“Kimba helps us with our social media strategy and she is brilliant. The regular meet-ups and reviews really help to keep me updated and on track. Everything she teaches is really useful for our business. Would definitely recommend.”
Sinead Wood

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