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Why consistency across social media profiles is vital for your business.

Social Media Profiles

Have you ever followed a brand on Facebook and then followed them on Instagram and it looks like a completely different brand?


The profile pictures are different (like seriously different), the ‘about us’ or ‘bio’ sections have a very different message and to make matters worse, the content they are sending out on the two channels are so different in style that it could be different companies?!

Sound familiar?

This is actually the case for a surprisingly high amount of businesses. It’s really important to have consistency in your marketing and especially across any platforms you use to promote your business.

Let’s look at why consistency is so important…

Shop windows.
At Kimba Digital Marketing we often refer to social media profiles as your online shop window. People will check out your social media profiles while making a decision about whether or not to buy from your business. If your profiles look unprofessional, mismatched, incomplete or (heaven forbid) have poor spelling or grammar, it’s going to put people off.

Confidence in your products or services.
Your business is the best. Professional, experienced, organised, great customer service and so much more! Ensuring that how appear online is just as professional as how you appear offline is really important. Marketing is all about nurturing your community to know, like and trust you. If your social media profiles don’t encompass the brilliance of your brand you could be missing out on business opportunities!

Fast scroll recognition
When your audience are scrolling through the feed, you want them to be able to very quickly recognize your brand and your brand messaging (regardless of platform). Having consistency in your profile pictures will make that easier!


Audience engagement
If your business is easily recognisable online with a clear message, tone of voice and personality; it makes it easier for audiences to identify with your posts. This means that they are more likely to engage and possibly buy from you. If your profiles are mismatched, with an unclear message, it will be extremely difficult for new customers to see why they should follow you!

Branding baby!
You want everyone to know how great your business is (particularly if they are your target market) The best way to raise brand awareness is to ensure that whenever you show up, offline or online your branding is clear and consistent. That includes images, copy and … yes you’ve guessed it… your social media profiles. Studies have shown that exposing people to your brand repeatedly (and consistently!) means that when they come to that all important purchasing decision, they are more likely to think of you. If your social media profiles don’t match the rest of your branding, this will send mixed messages to potential customers and your brand won’t stick in their mind.



Conclusion? Social media profile consistency really is important for brand credibility.

Interested for more?

We offer a social media profile review service, including suggested amends and implementation for just £99 per profile. If you’re interested in booking this service please contact us.

(This does not include images; any logos or images will have to be provided or paid for in addition).

Find out more about our social media management services now.

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