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Tips for overcoming your Instagram hurdles

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform with 1 billion users worldwide and 24 million in the UK. Imagine having this audience to promote your business to and not snapping up the opportunity – it seems silly not to right?

However, it’s a platform that baffles a lot of businesses and we often hear the same thing…

“I’m an accountant, my business isn’t visual”

“My target audience isn’t on Instagram”

“I don’t have time to post on social media all day, I’m running a business”

“I feel like I’ve already missed the boat” or “I’m just waiting for the right time to start”

These are common misconceptions we hear all the time from people scared of taking the next step, seeing it as a risk and a waste of their valuable time that could potentially damage their business. It’s completely understandable but it doesn’t have to be like that and we can show you how…

Perfect your profile

You have a matter of seconds to sell your profile to a follower so this one needs to be on point! Be sure to utilise your whole profile by filling out each section, including what you do in a short snappy sentence, as well as contact details and a call to action. If your brand is playful, throw in some emojis where relevant and have fun with it – it’s always good to show off your brand’s personality!

Knowing your audience

With over a billion users, you’re guaranteed to track your audience down but a good starting point is understanding who they are. Delve into their daily lives and consider what their lifestyle is like, how would they use the platform, what are they interested in and if they have hobbies. It might sound irrelevant but understanding this can help shape how you use the platform and how you engage with them.

Content, content, content

You don’t need to be a visual business – once you know your audience, you’ll get an idea of what they will want to see from you and don’t be afraid of experimenting. Being consistent and adding value to your followers is key, it’s not just about posting selfies or arty shots, but keeping the audience engaged. The introduction of Stories has allowed businesses to show their informal side and behind the scenes – and it disappears after 24 hours, perfect if you’re a bit nervous about sharing!

Finding the time

For this one, it’s all about organisation! Creating a content calendar or themes to stick to will make posting much quicker and will help with consistency. Also, using analytics to understand when the best time to post is essential, it will maximise engagement and help you stick to a schedule.

Once you have all this cracked you’ll be onto a winner, we promise!

If you’d like to learn more about how to level up your Instagram game, join our FREE Facebook Group, Get More Leads From Instagram. To find out more, visit here.

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