Introducing.... The Summer Spruce Up.

A 5-DAY sprint dedicated to streamlining and sprucing up your business ahead of the summer holidays. Think decluttering, clearing the decks and making things all shiny!

A 5-DAY sprint 8th July – 12th July in my membership Kimba’s Online Growth Club. 

Some of these things might be familiar to you :

Your computer runs slowly because you need to clear some files, but you never get around to it.

Every time you go to record a video on your phone you are reminded that you don’t have enough storage because you haven’t made time to clear it out yet.

You don’t remember the last time you reviewed and updated your business profiles in all the different places. You’re fairly certain that the bad impression it’s leaving on potential customers is causing you to lose money but you still never remember to sort it out or prioritise it over other things.

Thousands of these little things in your business cause you a headache, adding up to a lot of clutter and out-of-date information about your business making you look unprofessional.

You know what you should be doing to declutter and refresh, but you haven’t reached that part of your to-do list. You’ll do it tomorrow you think.

This is a common experience and that’s why 8th July – 12th July I’m running a 5 day Summer Spruce up in my membership Kimba’s Online Growth Club.

How does it work ?

Each day is a new theme for clearing out or shining up your business and I’ll be sharing 6 things you could do that day to make progress in that theme. There are two implementation sessions per day to attend to keep you accountable. 

By the end of the week, you could have worked through 30 different ways to spruce up your business ready for the summer holidays.

Imagine how much lighter you’ll feel with a cleaner, clearer business that’s up-to-date and shows off your magnificent products or services to the full!


11am (BST)

Intro to the daily theme, 6 ideas to choose from + coworking


Second implementation session


Facebook Community

Facebook community to share ideas


Trial month of Kimba's Online Growth Club

Access to our membership group, Kimba's Online Growth Club

If you're taking the summer holidays off with your kids, you'll return in September and your business will be fresh and ready to go.

Want to join the summer spruce up? You can pay just £15 to join The Summer Spruce up and trial Kimba’s Online Growth Club for a month .

What is Kimba’s Online Growth Club?

“Most great learning happens in groups. Collaboration is the stuff of growth.”

Sir Ken Robinson Ph.D.

Kimba’s Online Growth Club is a monthly membership for business owners who want to grow their business in a fun, supportive environment.

You’ll get access to an exclusive membership area with dozens of training sessions from me and a network of experts, on business growth, marketing and mindset. 

And if you can’t find what you’re after? You’ll be able to request training on specific topics you feel would benefit you most. Because the Club is designed to help you grow in whatever way you need with a supportive community. 

Who is Kimba’s Online Growth club for?

This is NOT the club for you if you expect to:

  • Magically make 6 figures overnight
  • Get results without putting in any effort
  • Grow your business 10x in a matter of days
  • Expect things to be done for you

If, however, you:

✔️Understand that growing a business takes time and effort

✔️ Are looking for a place to share ideas, help others and network

✔️ Want to learn new skills and improve yourself

✔️ Are ready to implement and take actions to get RESULTS

Then “Hello” *waves* – you’re my kind of person.

This is 100% the right place for you.

The club will motivate you to take ACTION in your business with a variety of sessions from experts to sort out your mindset, give marketing advice, help you to keep accountable and implement what you’ve learned.
Diagram by Derek Halper of Social Triggers.

It’s tough days and great days. 

It’s thinking you know everything, then realising you still have so much to learn.

It’s showing up regardless of what happened yesterday. On repeat.

It’s feeling the buzz of leaving your comfort zone behind…then running for cover when it all gets a bit too much.

It’s exciting and exhausting and terrifying in equal measure…and it is truly the best feeling in the world. 

Most of the time.

But it can also be lonely and confusing and relentless.

Who do you turn to for advice when things get tricky?

You can’t ask friends or family, because while they have the best intentions they just don’t get it. 

Your peers on social media seem to have it all worked out – you’d hate to let on that you don’t.

You feel ready to grow; to jump in with both feet and make big improvements in your business. 

You feel your time is now.

If only you could work out where to start.

But Kimba, you are a gamification expert - what is this to do with Gamification?

Have you ever joined a business membership and been overwhelmed by all the things you could do?

Ever joined a business membership and simply not used it?

Maybe you used it for the first month but then dropped off? 

This is sadly very common and not what we want for our members!

There’s no point in joining a membership if you don’t use it. You’re throwing money down the drain.

We’re taking elements from game design, game thinking, behavioural psychology and MORE to help motivate our members to learn what they need to do to step up, take action and grow their businesses! 

Training, support, community and accountability.

As well as the membership area you’ll be welcomed into our Facebook community where you’ll find a ready made support network of people who are in the exact same boat as you.

You’ll be encouraged to share your wins and your woes and to reach out to each other for help and advice whenever you need it. 

Not only that, we’ve put psychology-backed systems in place to help you ensure success. 

Did you know people are 65% more likely to meet their goals after committing to another person?*

AND you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down**..

This is why we have weekly goals check-ins and reviews.

Then there’s our Implementation Sessions too. Helping you to get your head down with other club members and get those tasks done that you’ve been putting off for waaay too long. 

As if that’s not enough there will be regular live sessions with Kimba where she’ll share her business learnings and answer your growth questions.

And finally, there’s plenty of fun stuff, because business should never be boring!

You'll get:

Membership area

With trainings from guest experts in areas of mindset, business growth and marketing.

There are over 40 trainings waiting for you and future trainings are delivered based on member needs and wants.

Facebook Community

A safe-space to share, learn and grow with like-minded business owners.

Somewhere you can share the good and the bad whether you need advice or someone to listen.

Monthly Implementation sessions

Keep putting off that VAT bill, writing those emails or writing your staff handbook?

Get your head down and get sh*t done in our monthly implementation sessions

Lessons Learned Live with Kimba

Kimba shares all - the good, the bad and the ugly at the end of every launch and project so that you can learn from her experience - meaning you make fewer mistakes and have more success in your business!

Quick Wins Sessions

Liked our sessions during Quick Wins Week?

We'll implement more on a regular basis!

Social Sessions

Regular sessions to connect and have fun with the community on Zoom!

Secret resources for you to unlock

The more you take part and implement, the more resources you’ll unlock.

There’s lots of goodies hidden up our sleeves waiting for you.

The more you implement, the more rewards you get.


Masterclass recordings

Recordings of all of the masterclasses from the 2020 #OnlineGrowthSummit, the Festive Kick Up the Bum Event including training on lead magnets, video marketing, Pinterest marketing, PR, sales tips and growing a loyal audience.
(worth £394)

Creative Content For Instagram

A recording of Kimba’s Creative Content For Instagram Masterclass with bonus PDFs. Perfect if you're ever stuck for content ideas!
(worth £47)

Quick Wins Week

Get access to all of the recordings (including the secret sessions) from both Quick Wins Weeks!
(worth £269)

Business Discounts

Get access to a number of discounts - from our business partners, to software you use everyday!


£47 per month £15 for the first month then £47 per month.

These prices include VAT.

Note that this is a rolling contracts which you can leave at any time. However, if you decide to leave and re-join you’ll be charged at the current price when signing up.

Why Kimba?

Kimba is a successful, innovative and creative entrepreneur based in Bristol. And finding new ways of making money has been part of her story since childhood. 

From primary school onwards Kimba had creative side hustles from washing neighbour’s cars to selling funky shoelaces in school and UV accessories to ravers in Uni. She also had a stint creating and selling merchandise on eBay! 

Kimba had many normal jobs alongside her entrepreneurial streak but the longest-lived was her career in marketing.

When in 2016 she lost her job, Kimba was excited for a new challenge and entered the world of business as a virtual assistant, soon applying her social media strengths to start her own digital marketing agency. 

Over the years the agency grew to specialise in social media management and training, winning an award at Entrepreneurial Spark (a business accelerator), becoming a go-to organisation for social media in Bristol and working with some well-known local brands.

Kimba also began teaching businesses how to get leads from Instagram through free challenges and her paid courses. A side of the business that became so successful that in March 2020 Kimba shut down the social media agency to concentrate on training. 

Most recently Kimba has pivoted to consult on Gamification for launches, courses, memberships and more to get improved results for customers, reduce attrition and increase sales. 

She now achieves regular 5 figure launches for her courses and the business continues to grow.

All of this is a testament to Kimba’s diverse experience in marketing different types of businesses. She has helped thousands of business owners achieve significant growth through both free and paid courses and has been credited many times with supporting the life-changing personal growth of business owners too.  

More importantly, over the years she has developed a strong network of successful and trusted business owners. Which puts her in a unique position to bring the best experts into the Club to teach in areas that aren’t her forte. 


The membership has two options, a monthly cost and an annual cost.

Monthly: £47

Annually: £470 (Which works out at two months free!)

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

No. The doors are only open for a limited time. 

If you’d like to find out when you can next join – sign up to the waiting list.

Each of the contract types is rolling. If you join with a monthly contract, you can leave at any time and your membership will end at the end of that month’s contract. If you join with an annual contract,  you can leave at any time and your membership will end when you reach the end of that year.

Yes, of course you can, you’ll be welcome back at any time. However, if the membership price has risen in the meantime you’ll have to pay the new, higher price. Additionally, we only open a couple of times each year, so you can only rejoin during those periods.

There is no minimum time commitment. Like many things in business you’ll get out what you put in. If you’ve got spare time in your week you can spend it going through the back catalogue of trainings or networking and supporting others in the group. If you have a particularly busy month, don’t worry, you can catch up whenever you have time.

All guest experts and ‘lives’ will be recorded and stored in the membership area. Recorded content is released to members as they work through the existing training.

This membership does not include 1:1 sessions. I do, however, answer questions during my lessons learned sessions and in the Facebook group so you will have plenty of direct access to pick my brains.

In a word, yes. I’ve worked successfully with countless businesses both product-based and service-based and from a huge cross-section of industries.

You will only have access to the training sessions in the membership area whilst you are a member of the Online Growth Club

Due to the nature of the membership, you will have access to all of the training sessions in the membership area straight away. It is therefore not possible for us to offer refunds – you are able to leave the membership at any point though and your contract will end at the end of your contract period without further payments being taken.

Yes! All you would need to do is contact the support team in order to switch.

No. If you’d like to learn more about Gamification, our Gamification Insider will help you.

*(The American Society Society of Training and Development).
** Research by Psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews, at the Dominican University in California

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