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How I booked and delivered 52 talks, Q&As and podcast interviews in 7 months.

In April 2022 I set myself a mission; to book 52 guest expert slots by the end of the year.

By the end of November, I had not only booked those guest experts slots but also delivered them, with more secured for December onwards.

Those slots included conferences, Instagram live interviews, talks in memberships, courses and more.

The first question I get asked when I mention this is:

How did you do it?
Where did you get all those talks from?

In this recorded webinar I share:

A breakdown of the kinds of talks delivered.

Where and how I marketed to get the talks booked.

Where the opportunities actually came from.

What that meant in terms of leads for the business and opportunities.

And a deep dive into my lessons learned that you can learn from them too!

Upgrade your webinar experience!

Upgrade your webinar with our Guest Prep Pack.

You’ll receive a Guest Expert prep kit worth £17 that contains:

Questions you need to ask during the booking process to make sure that you, the person whose audience it is and the audience all get what they need from the talk.

What to have prepped ready to make the whole process go smoothly.

A Trello board template to help track your bookings and keep them all organised and in one place.

These are all things I wish I had in place before I started my mission to get 52 guest expert slots in 7 months.

They would have saved me time, saved unnecessary to-ing and fro-ing during the booking process.

How much is it?

We have three options for you, and you’ll just need to pick your preferred option.

To only get access to the recording of the webinar it’s just £37 + VAT.

To get access to the recording of the webinar plus the Guest Expert Press. Pack, simply pay £49+VAT

Or, if you pay £54 (inc VAT) you get access to the replay and access to Kimba’s Online Growth Club to try for a month and see what all the fuss is about (after the first month payments would continue at £47 a month) – saving you £44.

What is KOGc?

Kimba’s Online Growth Club is a monthly membership for business owners who want to grow their business in a fun, supportive environment.

You’ll get access to an exclusive membership area with dozens of training sessions from me and a network of experts, on business growth, marketing and mindset. 

And if you can’t find what you’re after? You’ll be able to request training on specific topics you feel would benefit you most. Because the Club is designed to help you grow in whatever way you need.

We’re taking elements from game design, game thinking, behavioural psychology and MORE to help motivate our members to learn what they need to do to step up, take action and grow their businesses! 

This isn’t your ordinary, bog-standard business membership.

This membership is created with the members in mind.

Specifically designed for the different personality types and different types of motivations of the members!

This means that they will get what they need, in the way that works for them.


There is no minimum time commitment. Like many things in business you’ll get out what you put in. If you’ve got spare time in your week you can spend it going through the back catalogue of trainings or networking and supporting others in the group. If you have a particularly busy month, don’t worry, you can catch up whenever you have time.

If you sign up with the KOGC’s option, you will be signing up for a recurring membership. You can leave at any time and your membership will end at the end of that month’s contract.

All guest experts and ‘lives’ will be recorded and stored in the membership area. Recorded content is released to members as they work through the existing training.

This membership does not include 1:1 sessions. I do, however, answer questions during my lessons learned sessions and in the Facebook group so you will have plenty of direct access to pick my brains.

In a word, yes. I’ve worked successfully with countless businesses both product-based and service-based and from a huge cross-section of industries.

Due to the nature of the membership, you will have access to all of the training sessions in the membership area straight away. It is therefore not possible for us to offer refunds – you are able to leave the membership at any point though and your contract will end at the end of your contract period without further payments being taken.

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