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Kimba Cooper

Kimba Digital Marketing

Kimba Cooper is a digital marketing professional who loves learning about new apps and techniques for marketing online. Over the past decade, her work has included improving the online presence of a range of large and small organisations, aiding them in retaining customer loyalty, attracting new customers, increasing brand reach and customer engagement. Every business is different and Kimba understands that one size rarely fits all. That means that she wants to help businesses in creative ways while trialling new techniques. Personally, she is passionate about the environment and brings this into all practices within the business. This means you may spot her on a bike or public transport around Bristol, sporting a refurbished laptop and eco coffee cup.

Kimba Cooper is based in Filton, Bristol and works from Raw Space in central Bristol.

Nicky Weelen

Nicky is a friendly freelance copywriter with a love for awesome alliteration. Having studied for a degree in business and worked in a range of industries, she turned her attention to copywriting in 2013. Fast forward to today and you’ll find her sipping coffee and tapping away at her laptop writing websites, blogs, articles, case studies and anything else her clients need. Having written for international brands and local small businesses alike, she can turn her experienced hand to anything you care to throw at her. When she’s not writing, Nicky can be found playing netball, browsing home interiors shops or desperately trying to stay one step ahead of her 6-year old.

Nicky works from Failand, a small village just outside Bristol.


Daniel Rivera

Kimba Digital Marketing

Daniel Rivera is an experienced creator and a jack of (most) trades. He specialises in visual content but also creates videos. Always looking for a new way to solve a problem, he is a pillar of support for Kimba and your business. Otherwise, he is a big dork and spends his time doing a law degree, editing podcasts, and researching backpacks, apps and tech online that he can’t afford.

Daniel is based in the City Centre, Bristol.

A word from Kimba..

We love to help brands to improve their online presence. Consistency is vital for online marketing and outsoucing is a great way to ensure that your content goes out on time, regardless of how busy you are.

Having worked with different organisations with different missions, understanding the aims and objectives of a campaign is an important part of what we do. We enjoy building relationships with clients that ensure that we can accurately represent them and their brand online.  

Are you struggling to market yourself consistently online? Maybe you know what to do but don’t have time to do it? Either way get in touch. We want to help you to reach your target audience. Give me a ring and we can have a chat 07716 328 128 or email me, hello@kimbadigital.com


Kimba Digital Marketing knows that digital marketing also includes other elements such as Website development, SEO, PR or case studies. So we’ve partnered up with some of Bristol’s best and brightest. This means that we can refer you to a partner if there is something that we can’t do for you. To hear more about our partnerships, please do get in touch, either ring Kimba on 07716 328 128 or email hello@kimbadigital.com

Digital Marketing Bristol.

Kimba Digital Marketing is proud to be supported by the Prince’s Trust and is currently based at Entrepreneurial Spark central Bristol. The team have established a strong network across Bristol and Cardiff which enables them to source knowledge and expertise or to refer on to others as appropriate.

Kimba Digital Marketing provides content creation for online marketing. This includes; content for blogs, email campaigns, and social media management as well as website content reviews and updates.