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Increasing Engagement on Twitter

When Berkshire-based tech consultancy BPI OnDemand asked us to help them increase their engagement on Twitter we were only too happy to put our skills to the test.

Read on to find out why they now look at Twitter in a different light and what they feel were the best bits about working with Kimba Digital Marketing.

“The best bit about working with Kimba was her friendliness and the quick turnaround. One meeting and she just kind of got it.”
Geraint Padfield
Digital Marketing Executive

The client

Business Performance Improvement (BPI) OnDemand are an award-winning consultancy specialising in all things Customer Experience. They help to improve the way organisations work with their customers by automating sales, marketing and CRM processes. But they don’t just provide the systems and then walk away. BPI OnDemand work to transform their customers’ entire digital journey. And they recognise that success involves improving internal business processes as much as system-led ones.

With a growing team, BPI OnDemand concentrates primarily on Oracle implementations but is equally happy to work with other software providers.

The problem – Was Twitter worth the investment?

BPI OnDemand had a problem on their hands. Their social media was lagging behind their competitors in terms of followers, impressions and engagement. They had noticed that more and more people were using social media as a kind of credibility check; a way to decide whether they should work with a company.

The team decided it was time to focus on improving their presence, but could they justify the expense of in-house social media specialists?

Having received a recommendation from an ex-colleague, Geraint Padfield decided to enlist our services. He wanted to understand:

What we did

BPI OnDemand were pretty confident with their LinkedIn use and Facebook was seen to be less of a traffic driver so we made the decision that Twitter should be the main focus.

Initially concerned that a digital agency wouldn’t be able to get to grips with what the company was all about, Padfield’s worries were soon put to rest. During a 90-minute strategy session – arranged as part of the social media management package –Kimba asked plenty of pertinent questions to learn as much as possible about the company and the complexities around its services.

Kimba Digital Marketing took over the running of the Twitter account for a three-month trial period at the beginning of 2018. BPI OnDemand had always tended to post on Twitter ad hoc and the majority of their posts had been very company-centric. So, the team created numerous different types of content, mixing informational posts with sales messages and even quotes. They also created bespoke branded images or sourced stock images where relevant. Kimba Digital regularly reviewed which posts were receiving the most engagement and created more of the same. All content was signed off by BPI OnDemand and then scheduled ready to post.

The results

Over the three months (February – April 2018) that Kimba Digital managed the Twitter account, there was a huge uplift in impressions, followers and engagement (likes and retweets):

Increase in impressions
0 %
More Retweets per Month
More Link Clicks per Month
Increase in engagement rate
0 %
More Likes per Month
Increase in replies
0 %

But the benefits to BPI OnDemand went beyond the stats:

Ultimately the success of the three-month trial (and the analytical reports to prove it) meant that the management team was happy to agree to an increase in social media investment going forward.

What the client said

“The biggest worry when you work with any kind of digital agency, whether it’s on social or on the website is that they just don’t get what you’re trying to achieve. After just one meeting with Kimba we were able to move ahead with it. We didn’t have to send over loads of content to give her an understanding of what we do. She just kind of got it quickly. I would definitely recommend Kimba Digital Marketing’s Twitter services.”

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