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“The InstaMind is so much more than just an Instagram training course.”

As a scientist, Georgina Green, owner of Green Tutors wanted a method to follow to show up effectively on Instagram. She wanted a step by step process. And she wanted to see results. So she chose to take part in our first ever InstaMind.

16 months on she’s gained over 4,000 followers, grown her team, receives daily business enquiries, has featured on a podcast and has even created her own 5-day challenge complete with daily live videos. 

Find out what Georgina has to say about her InstaMind experience. 

Who are Green Tutors?

Green Tutors is a personal tuition business that works with scientists and engineers to provide maths and science lessons for GCSE and A-level students. The idea is that people who work in the field will make STEM subjects more interesting for learners by putting the things they are covering into context. 

Georgina Green, a scientist herself, started tutoring around eight years ago, discovered a love for it and the business was born. She began employing other tutors around two years ago and credits the InstaMind with aiding this growth.

Why did Georgina join the InstaMind?

Georgina took part in our first ever #Instabizweek challenge back in 2018 after following our page on social media. At this time her tuition business was going well, the sessions were popular, and she was filling her diary easily through word of mouth. The trouble was when she tried to take on another tutor to cover demand, she was met with resistance. People had been recommended her as a tutor; they weren’t interested in having someone else. 

The 5-day challenge opened Georgina’s eyes to the possibilities of online marketing, “it was my first introduction to how you can market yourself online and I remember the impact it had on me. Prior to that I’d just been doing what I could see others doing and it wasn’t working for me.”

Understanding for the first time the difference this stuff could make to her business, and keen to learn how to navigate Instagram without getting caught up in the mire of “cat photos and people’s dinners”, Georgina joined the first InstaMind intake.

What did she think of it?

Through the InstaMind, Georgina says she learned loads. From the basics of how to set up her Instagram to make it clear what she does and for who, to the importance of including some more personal things, which she had deliberately not been doing. To how to use the more complicated elements like live videos and Instagram TV that she says didn’t even know existed. 

“I definitely struggled with imposter syndrome around my business as it had grown organically from me doing a bit of tutoring as a Saturday job and I didn’t really feel like a business owner. Getting to know others in the same situation made me realise that actually everyone is running their business from their phone in the supermarket – that’s normal and that’s OK. So the networking side of things was useful and gave me more confidence too.”

And what results has she seen?

Georgina notes that it’s difficult to track where her customers come from as they generally just pick up the phone and ring. But from 300 followers at the beginning of the #Instabizweek she has now amassed over 4,000 using the techniques she learned. Even better people are finding her and having conversations naturally, she isn’t, in her words, “having to harass people.” She now has far more parents contacting her for tuition for their kids – at least one a day. 

What’s more she found that she was able to apply everything she learned to LinkedIn and her other online marketing activities, and tutors quickly began to approach her too. So Georgina decided to give it another go and try again to start building her tutor team.

“And thanks to the InstaMind it went a hell of a lot better the second time”

Georgina was so blown away by the results she got and the changes it made to her business that she has since acted as an Ambassador for our #Instabizweek challenge, helping to answer participants’ questions and inspire others to embrace the platform. But she says there is a benefit to her too as it keeps her accountable and reminds her of the fundamental things she needs to be doing to continue to grow her account. 

Georgina says:

“The InstaMind showed me how you can be marketing your business online, rather than wasting time with old and outdated things. I learned principles of marketing that I can now take outside of Instagram and I’ve used them in all my social media and communications which has made a massive difference to the growth of my business.

“The InstaMind is more than just an Instagram training course. It helps you to be more accountable and really focus on what you want to achieve with your business. And it opens up a whole new world of other things you can do with your marketing to help you to grow. Social media can seem a little bit like you’re putting all this effort in, working and not getting anywhere. But if you follow the techniques Kimba teaches you can be confident that while people might not be physically standing there waving a banner with your name on it, as long as you’re open and helping them they’ll come back as soon as they’re interested in buying your services.”

Anything else you’d like to know? You can find Georgina at: @greentutors on Instagram.

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