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Hannah Swift: “I made back my InstaMind fee within six weeks of finishing the course”

When Hannah Swift was faced with establishing her acupuncture practice in a new city, she felt she needed some help to get her name out there.

Here she talks about why engagement is more important than the perfect grid, why your bio should be a moveable feast and how the InstaMind gave her the confidence to be herself on social media.

An introduction to Yellow Empress Acupuncture

Having qualified as an acupuncturist almost five years ago Hannah was already using Instagram to network with other professionals in her field, so when it came to establishing a practice in Edinburgh – beginning in July this year, she knew it would be a useful tool but just wasn’t sure how to implement it for best (and quickest) results.

Hannah’s not even sure where she first heard of Kimba, she assumes she must have simply seeped into her subconscious through the medium of Instagram video. But however she first spotted her, she was soon impressed by what she saw, believing that Kimba knew her stuff, seemed genuine and could offer a good grounding.

What persuaded Hannah to join the InstaMind?

Hannah joined Kimba Digital’s free 5-day #instabizweek challenge back in the summer and felt like she learned a lot.

She was underconfident about networking in person and determined to find a way to put her name out locally and become known for what she did, but without the in-person meetings. She also knew she needed a push to begin focusing on advertising herself properly without feeling squeamish about it.

What did she get out of it?

Hannah says she learned loads of different things from the InstaMind.

Small things… such as the fact that your bio can adapt and change to suit the product or service you’re offering at that moment. She’s now much happier to change everything around and try different things to find out what works. She says she was initially resistant to focusing down on a specific target audience with her profile and posts but sees now that it makes it so much easier to work out what to say, and it doesn’t stop others from enquiring anyway.

To big things… like understanding that engagement is often better than perfection. Rather than feeling like it’s important to spend hours on finding the right picture and crafting the perfect caption, sometimes it’s better to post something that’s good enough and spend more time finding and chatting to people who will be interested in the service she has to offer.

Hannah also gained the confidence to allow more of herself to come through on the profile. And the types of posts she’s creating have even started to evolve as the audience becomes a mixture of prospective and current clients.

“My Instagram page is not perfection. It’s flawed, it’s gappy and it’s sometimes slightly irreverent but I think it shows people I’m a human being. Kimba is realistic, she doesn’t expect everyone to have this perfect glossy grid if that’s not what they want to do.”

And has it benefited her business?

Hannah says the InstaMind has impacted positively on business too. She reports increasing her following from 200-700 targeted, relevant people during the course. And this has translated nicely into clients. She now has around 20-30 clients that have come to her through Instagram, many of whom return regularly. Her treatment slots are pretty much full up at the moment, which bearing in mind she only started the practice and the Instagram account back in the summer of this year is pretty good going.

Hannah even posted in the group to say she’d made back her InstaMind fee within around six weeks of the course finishing.

​Hannah  says:

“The InstaMind taught me loads of practical things and gave me the confidence to really go for it and reach out to new clients in my local area. Kimba’s good at breaking things down into bite-sized chunks and you find your confidence accumulates as you achieve all these little things and see it beginning to work.

Kimba is bubbly and encouraging, she takes a very human approach that is accessible to a broad range of people. There’s also loads of peer support on the course so you’re not doing it alone.

I would recommend the InstaMind and have done so on several occasions.”

Do you have questions for Hannah? You can find her at: Yellow Empress Acupuncture on Instagram.

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