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Kelly Thornhill: “The InstaMind Increased My Online Credibility and Helped Me Find My Voice.”

With a fledgling online health and wellness business and a politically sensitive family situation, Kelly Thornhill wasn’t sure whether she could afford to invest in the InstaMind, or whether it would be worth it. Following a call with Kimba she decided to go for it, and it’s transformed her life in more ways than one. 

Learn about the InstaMind from Kelly’s point of view and why she has been singing its praises far and wide.

Kelly’s story

Based in Crewe, Cheshire, in the north west of the UK, Kelly has had an adventure over the last decade or so. Living in Argentina for 17 years, Kelly met and started a family with Pablo, an Argentinian national. Six years ago, she wanted to return to Britain with her young children, but British immigration rules prevented Pablo from joining them unless Kelly was able to meet the Home Office’s minimum income requirement of £18,600 per year. Effectively rendered a single parent, as a home educator and part time Spanish tutor this proved impossible. 

As the stress of the situation took its toll, Kelly began to gain weight and just couldn’t shift it. When a friend introduced her to Herbalife products she began to shed the pounds, and after finding out more about the business model decided it sounded like something that could fit well around her family life. So Kelly started her online health and wellness business in January 2019 hoping to use it as a platform to reach the minimum income requirement and finally reunite her family. 

Why did Kelly join the InstaMind?

With no prior knowledge of Instagram, Kelly was sceptical about the value it could bring to her business, thinking “people just use it to post pictures of their holidays and their dinner.” But when a friend set up an account for her and suggested she take part in Kimba Digital Marketing’s 5-day challenge in February she figured she had nothing to lose. Kelly may have felt a little overwhelmed in places as she was very new to the platform, but she loved the challenge and the penny dropped about the potential of Instagram for getting her business message out there. She increased her followers, was getting much greater engagement and was beginning to feel far more confident. 

When Kelly heard about the InstaMind she was excited about the possibility of building on the traction she’d achieved. But more than that, she’d seen the potential for creating a presence on Instagram for her other passion – the Reunite Families UK campaign to bring back together families who have been separated by the minimum income threshold rules. So Kelly talked to Kimba about whether she thought Instagram could work for this kind of thing too. Kimba thought it was a great idea and put her mind at rest, so Kelly bit the bullet and signing up to the second ever InstaMind.

What results has she seen?

When Kelly started the InstaMind she thought it might increase her followers and help her learn about how the platform works, but she she’s gained far more that. She says she’s learned so much, from the ‘normal stuff’ like how to use stories and hashtags effectively, to ‘game changers’ like learning how to identify her ideal client and how to set clear objectives so there’s a focus to the time she spends on Instagram.

Kelly’s business is now absolutely booming, she’s tripled her followers – all ideal clients – and has gained new customers and new team members through the platform too. 

But more than that, she felt confident enough to take what she was learning and apply it to the Reunite Families UK campaign. And the response has been phenomenal. 

“As a result of the posts I’ve been putting out we’ve increased awareness of this issue that currently separates around 15,000 children from a parent. Since the InstaMind I’ve gained local and national media coverage, been filmed for a BBC documentary, am scheduled to appear on several radio shows and have been interviewed for a feature that is planned to appear in The Guardian. I’ve also been contacted by Herbalife UK who want to cover my story and #SheCan365 want to interview me too.

Thanks to the InstaMind and the effect it’s had on helping to grow my business, increase my online credibility and find my voice on social media, I am on track to hit the minimum income requirement and bring my family back together by the end of the year. And even better I’ve been able to help other families who are in the same situation.” 

“I truly underestimated Instagram. It’s a powerful thing when you use it properly.”

In the last year Kelly has also lost 29lbs and dropped two dress sizes, but the InstaMind can’t take much of the credit for that!

Kelly says:

“Following the InstaMind my business and life in general have changed in a very positive way. I feel so strongly about the benefits of joining that I agreed to act as an ambassador during subsequent rounds of the programme. I spoke to numerous people who were thinking of signing up and convinced most of them to go for it as I seriously have only good things to say about it. 

Kimba has been amazing. She’s had so much patience with me. I’ve bombarded her with questions about my business as well as about the Reunite Families UK account and she’s just been so supportive it’s been fab.”

Kelly – we wish you all the luck in the world and look forward to hearing good news from you when you reunite your family later this year. 

If you’d like to find out more about Kelly’s story you can find her on Instagram at:



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