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Kirsten Dolby is a single mum of two boys based in South Devon. A fitness addict who runs her own business offering personal training services, Kirsten is always on the go and struggled to find time to commit to learning about how to use Instagram to help to build her client base. She’d been posting semi-regularly for a while but had no strategy behind what she was doing, and if she’s honest she didn’t really see how it could make that much difference. 

But when she spotted Kimba Digital Marketing’s free #InstaBizWeek challenge she figured she had nothing to lose. And boy is she glad she did! The results she achieved in just one week were outstanding, and she’s been able to continue using the tips and techniques to the point that almost all her new clients now come through Instagram

What services does Kirsten offer?

Concentrating on personal training, strength training and running programmes working with clients both on and offline, Kirsten enjoys helping people reach their goals, becoming fitter and healthier in the process. For her it’s not about how her clients look, it’s about how they feel both mentally and physically. It’s about focusing the mind and releasing endorphins – those happy hormones. 

At the time of the #InstaBizWeek challenge, Kirsten had just launched an online programme for busy mums, designed to fit around the school runs, the work and the chaos, using exercises in the gym or at home or both depending on preference.

Why did she join the #InstaBizWeek challenge?

Having come across a few Instagram course and challenges online Kirsten wasn’t sure about getting involved with one. She hadn’t warmed to any of the people offering them and with a relatively new small business she wasn’t willing to invest money in a course when she just wasn’t sure whether Instagram could benefit her business enough to warrant it. 

When she spotted #InstaBizWeek advertised on Facebook she figured there was nothing to lose, it was free, it was only a commitment of a week and having begun to follow Kimba she liked the way she came across.

What did Kirsten think of the challenge?

Kirsten loved the challenge. She describes it as simple, not overcomplicated. She liked the way Kimba delivered the material and enjoyed interacting with the group, even though she often wasn’t able to do it in ‘real time’ thanks to family and work commitments. The flexibility allowed her to catch up in the evenings once the kids were in bed and she was running on the treadmill.

The biggest thing Kirsten took away from the week was a real understanding of why using Instagram for business properly makes such a difference and a good idea of how to do it the right way to see results. Even though she felt uncomfortable with it at first, she quickly learned how to narrow down her target audience and speak only to them AND how to work out when was the best time to reach them. She also got braver about sharing more of herself, using video and learning and practising tools like Stories and IGTV that she had never played with before. 

And what results has she seen?

Kirsten’s results speak for themselves. The timing of the #InstaBizWeek challenge couldn’t have been better, coinciding with the launch of her new online training programme aimed at helping mums get back to being fit and healthy after childbirth. 

During the week, her followers and engagement increased significantly, but more than that she actually sold 75% of the places on her first online programme having never got a client through Instagram previously. She went on to sell out the rest of the course by Christmas, 6 weeks later – a notoriously difficult time to sell this sort of thing. 

Kirsten says:

“While I used Instagram before #InstaBizWeek I didn’t really have any idea what I was doing with it and had never attracted a client through the platform. Now, six months on, I feel far more confident and around 90% of my clients come through Instagram.  They follow me for a while, sometimes interacting with me and sometimes just lurking in the background, then they eventually drop me a message and we go from there. 

I like the way Kimba presents things in a no-nonsense way – I like to just crack on without the fluff and that’s what you get. And I’ve been so impressed with the results I got from #InstaBizWeek I decided to join the InstaMind to take my Instagram use up another level again. 

I’m part way through that at the moment but loving it so far. I’ll let you know how it goes.”

We might hold you to that Kirsten! 😊

If you’d like to know more about Kirsten Dolby PT or are interested in the services she offers, pop over to Instagram and give her a follow: @Kirsten_Dolby_PT

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