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Using Facebook to drive more business

“We would recommend Kimba. 10/10”
John Scriven
Managing Director

We were delighted when Nu-Staff asked us for our help to improve their Facebook presence.

Here’s what happened, how they felt about our services and why they think you should get in contact with us too.

The Client

Nu-Staff are an experienced independent recruitment agency based in Chepstow, just over the bridge in South Wales. Set up in 1993, the nine-strong team specialise in recruitment for roles in industrial, commercial and technical operations as well as drivers.

Nu-Staff recruitment work with companies and candidates across South Wales, the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire and Bristol.

The Problem – How to make Facebook work harder

Nu-Staff had a Facebook page that they managed alongside a million and one other things, but it had never been given the love it deserved. The team recognised the importance of using this social media platform as a tool to reach out to potential candidates. But despite having basic knowledge, they admitted they had no real idea of how to get the best out of Facebook in a business setting.

It’s a common problem we hear – “we all know how to use Facebook but how can we use it properly for business?”

Nu-Staff were:

·       Struggling to increase their Facebook presence and get more engagement from their target audience.

·       Looking for ways to attract applicants from outside of their local area.

·       Unsure about which types of content to post on their Facebook page.

Having tried another digital agency that didn’t work out, the team from Nu-Staff met Kimba through Sales Academy. And after a quick conversation they asked for her help to up their Facebook game.

Putting a plan in place

Kimba suggested three personalised social media coaching workshops timed to make sure the team could try out what they’d learned in between sessions.

The coaching was designed to be relatively informal and focussed entirely on Nu-Staff’s business and what they wanted to achieve.

The results

Following their social media sessions with Kimba Digital Marketing, Nu-Staff have reported better engagement on Facebook posts (more likes, comments and shares) as well as an increase in applications directly through the site. (See statistics below)

But as well as this, the team has noticeably grown in confidence, finding other benefits from their newfound Facebook knowledge.



Kimba provided useful templates such as a content planner, making it quicker and easier to come up with ideas and create on-brand posts.


Nu-Staff learned to schedule posts and batch content. This is now done once per week with job adverts posted as and when they come in. The Facebook page is updated more frequently (and painlessly!), with engaging, thoughtful content.

Using data to inform decisions

Kimba Digital Marketing produced monthly analytical reports to inform the training sessions and taught the team at Nu-Staff how to use the insights in their Facebook page. The recruitment team are now able to use the insights to check which types of posts are getting the most interest. They also make sure they check out the demographics of people engaging with Nu-Staff’s content. This helps them to continually improve and evolve the way they manage their Facebook page.

What the client said

Nu-Staff Managing Director, John Scriven, was impressed with Kimba’s approach, breaking the training down into easy steps with clear explanations. He found her to be “sympathetic to a person not using, and understanding, the potential of Facebook for business.”

Overall the team thought Kimba provided “very useful and educational sessions which were explained well.” They look forward to seeking her assistance again when they dive further into the world of Twitter in the near future.


Increase in candidates since February that have found out about Nu Staff Recruitment through Facebook
Increase in mentions
Increase in reactions (likes, heart, laughter, shocked)
Increase in engagement (likes, comments, and shares) (January to March)
Increase in Page likes (From January to August)
Increase in followers (January to August)
Increase in page views

*Training started in January

People reached during the training period.
Engaged users during the training period.
Impressions during the training period.
People placed in roles that came through Facebook application.

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