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Olivia RiddifordOlivia Riddiford

Kimba talked in my membership for wedding venues in July and was brilliant. Lots of tips directed at the industry with specific examples on how to grow with gamification. Highly recommend! Thank you Kimba!

Lola BaileyLola Bailey

Games have been a huge part of human life ever since the genesis of recorded culture – used for entertainment, relationship building, training, you name it. And today, gamification is a multi-billion-dollar industry and for good reason!! Interested in using gamification for your business? Want to know more about it and how it can help your business? Or if you are ready to unleash the power of gamification in your business then please don’t start until you have booked a consultation/session with the awesome Kimba Digital – they are the go-to experts in gamification and will make sure you have all the tools you need to succeed.

Emma BurtonEmma Burton

I highly recommend Kimba, I’ve done a few courses with her now and have found her approach to really work.

Mike TrowerMike Trower

After listening to advice from Kimba on her social platforms, I created and posted stories using Kimba’s templates which got me a £300 sale on my first ever use of gamification techniques.

Natalie AlsopNatalie Alsop

A fab 1:1 Kimba, thank you so much!
I learned so much in a short time and have actioned what I can now and planned in more this week. You are so knowledgable, bubbly and helpful and I would highly recommend you to anyone needing support with Instagram. Keep up the good work!

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