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Alison EdgarAlison Edgar

“We recently had a VIP day with Kimba Digital and it was fantastic! Kimba quickly assessed the gaps in our social media, email marketing, blog and vlog plans. By the end of the day we had a detailed plan and a bunch of practical tools and ideas for how to improve engagement on our channels and increase inbound leads. The best bit? Kimba makes it all seem so easy. We have been able to get started straightaway without the usual overwhelm!”

Zoe ThompsonZoe Thompson

I booked a session to be able to understand more about using Facebook for marketing. By the end of the session I was able to understand how to set up audiences and how to link Facebook information to my website to increase the reach of my business. Kimba is patient and clear in her explanations as well as taking time to understand my business and what I want to achieve. In addition to understanding what I wanted she was also able to make a number of very useful suggestions to improve my marketing. I will be using these services again as my business grows and would recommend others to do the same.

Fiona PateyFiona Patey

Kimba does a great job with our Facebook posts, reviewing them is light work and she is a great help to a small business like ours. Highly recommend!

George FryGeorge Fry

Had an amazing 90 minute social media consultation with Kimba - I cannot recommend this enough, it has helped me accelerate my social media plan and has opened up some valuable time saving techniques!! Thank you Kimba!

Andy JarrettAndy Jarrett

Kimba did an excellent piece of work promoting the S Glos Business Networking group which helped massively to get it established and members linking together. Well done and thank you.

Helen WhiteheadHelen Whitehead

The attached screenshot of the message I sent to my husband immediately after my 1:1 with Kimba, says it all.

I was looking for some support and guidance for my business’ Instagram account because, like so many, I just wasn’t connecting with my target audience and was finding the whole thing very frustrating. I started with the Instagram Hashtag Guide, which was incredibly helpful in recognising how to use hashtags to the advantage of my business.

I then had a 1:1 video call with Kimba and her ability to change my mindset on the way I use Instagram, how I engage with my potential customers and the content I need to use in order to do this, was exceptional. I truly came away feeling inspired and raring to go. Im enjoying using Instagram and have had an increase of 100 followers in 4 days!!!!!!!!!

If you’re looking for support, guidance and some inspiration on how to make your Instagram appeal to your target market, Kimba is your woman! 💪🏻

Thanks Kimba! 👏🏻

Katrina FouracreKatrina Fouracre

I had a one hour call with Kimba today to discuss how I can improve my Instagram to help me reach my ideal client and gain more leads.

Kimba was honest and offered some great advice and ideas for me to start implementing straight away!

Thank you Kimba!

I would highly recommend!

Anna MapsonAnna Mapson

I had a 30 min Instagram review with Kimba and took away lots of great tips to implement. She gave me some simple things to tweak to make my feed and profile look better, as well as ideas for longer term changes that I can focus on to improve my account and followers. She really knows Instagram well, and has lots of tips to support small businesses grow. Thank you! 🙂

Mike GristMike Grist

Kimba and her Team are absolutely Amazing.
Thank you so much... Learnt alot and had so much Fun and Interaction...

Ericka La MadridEricka La Madrid

I had the most amazing challenge at Kimba Digital. All her team are awesome this is totally new for me and even with my second time in the challenge never stop to amazed me the impact and grow in those few days. Cheers for #InstaBizWeek I had the opportunity to chat with Kimba and it was wonderful she is super helpful always with a smile we even talk about Peru and how this Travel buz interaction for me is a great way of networking. Love all about this and I highly recommended. 10 stars ✨ 🌟 I even think about doing this in Spanish version with her. 🙌🏼Thanks!!

Amanda WhiteAmanda White

Today I will have completed Kimbas #instabizweek. Having been in Australia for three weeks this was a great challenge to work in the minute I got back. Kimba is very good at drilling down and making you keep the focus.
I’ve ended up with more interaction, more followers, and a collaboration. I’m delighted! Will definitely consider doing a 10 week training with Kimba in the near future.

Emily WoolleyEmily Woolley

I did the #Instabizchallenge with Kimba. Her energy and drive for boosting your business, really is infectious. it challenged me in ways to really consider my target audience. To think about how I present myself in a simple and concise way and to focus my mind on using Instagram to my advantage. A few of my team took part too and I know it sparked a fire within them and has inspired them to challenge themselves and work together in the future. Thank you Kimba xxx

Janine DuddleJanine Duddle

What a fantastic week I had doing the InstaBizWeek challenge. Kimba and the ambassadors were so knowledgeable and helpful. It's opened my eyes to the possibility that Instagram could be better for my business growth than Facebook. I increased my following by 25% in just one week and made 4 sales off Instagram posts which is a first for me. Thank you Kimba and all the ambassadors for all your help.

Gina JaneGina Jane

I have just taken part in the instabizweek. It's taken me out of my comfort zone which I needed! It's taught me lots about content and planning, made me update my bio and helped me connect with a lovely group of like-minded people. Oh and my followers have grown by 75, my profile visits are increased by 50 and the number of times my posts have been seen has increased by over 150!

The amount of effort Kimba makes during this time is amazing! Especially considering this is FREE. With live posts for over an hour each night, catch up's lives on the morning and responses throughout the day from her and her ambassadors it really is impressive.

Thanks Kimba and to your lovely team too I've learnt so much.

Claire FitzhughClaire Fitzhugh

I have just taken part in kimba's instabiz week.It has been a fantastic set of challenges, completely took me out of my comfort zone and made me remember why I started working for the body shop at home.Thanks to the challenges I was doing I was approached by another company to be a business rep.

Laura McMahonLaura McMahon

Doing the instabiz challenge forced me to push through my comfort zone. Thank you for the opportunity to learn and cringe. I would highly recommend the course to others💪.

Jo Gray Schofield LmpaJo Gray Schofield Lmpa

I’ve been taking part in Kimba’s Instagram challenge. It’s been absolutely brilliant. We are half way through. I have learned so much and my confidence as really grown. Thank you Kimba. It’s been fabulous xx

Bridget KovacsBridget Kovacs

Kimba did a live video presentation for an Online submit about using Instagram for wedding professionals. She was really brilliant, clear, inspiring & informative. She had an excellent style of presenting with lots of user friendly advice of how to apply it to increase traffic to your page & generate more engagement in your business. She also answered live queries confidently & eloquently. Thank you Kimba for your expertise!

Michelle ArmitageMichelle Armitage

Kimba I’ve really enjoyed ClassNov18 #instabizweek challenge. Thanks so much for your generosity in running it. I’m now better at stories and connecting properly with people. I also did my first live!I’ve had some great local business connections and my following has gone up too. More importantly my confidence in knowing what to post has improved. Thanks again! 🙏

Lidia DrzewieckaLidia Drzewiecka

I've seen my friend Kimba for dinner last night and we got chatting about her Insta Biz Week Challenge as she seem to have dominated my feed over the last few weeks so I was wondering what strategy she follows as she is absolutelly everywhere I turn. She gave me a few tips on how to fine tune my strategy to improve reach and engagement. Within 24h, my social media exploded! I now cannot keep up after my notifications as likes and comments are pouring in! Thanks Kimba, you're a total social media queen! x

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