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Olivia RiddifordOlivia Riddiford

Kimba talked in my membership for wedding venues in July and was brilliant. Lots of tips directed at the industry with specific examples on how to grow with gamification. Highly recommend! Thank you Kimba!

Georgina GreenGeorgina Green

Kimba spoke in my Facebook group this afternoon about how gamification can be used for tuition businesses. Kimba is a fantastic speaker, explains the subject really clearly and made it very relevant to the audience. I learned so much that will directly benefit me and my customers. Thank you!

Lola BaileyLola Bailey

Games have been a huge part of human life ever since the genesis of recorded culture – used for entertainment, relationship building, training, you name it. And today, gamification is a multi-billion-dollar industry and for good reason!! Interested in using gamification for your business? Want to know more about it and how it can help your business? Or if you are ready to unleash the power of gamification in your business then please don’t start until you have booked a consultation/session with the awesome Kimba Digital – they are the go-to experts in gamification and will make sure you have all the tools you need to succeed.

Annie BennettAnnie Bennett

Kimba just led a session about getting Instagram Leads in my facebook group. She clearly knows her stuff, and even in 30 minutes gave us some really good hint and tips which will help my members grow their Instagram accounts. Thank you Kimba. Excellent service, highly recommended!

Trianna LewisTrianna Lewis

Kimba and her team are excellent. I first found out about Kimba through her instabizweek challenge and I was totally grateful for participating! Kimba knows her stuff, I got so much out of her free challenge that it ultimately helped me reconfigure my Instagram account and got me clearer than EVER before on my ideal client, and I’ve been trying to get my ideal client down for 2 years!
Even as my ideal client shifted, Kimba gave me tools, ideas, and guidance to stay clear.

I also had found out that she offers 1:1 sessions and I jumped right on it. Let me tell you, if you like 1:1 and you really need Instagram help, she is well worth it. I got so much out of our session and I had no idea of how to prepare, but she totally had it covered! Well Worth It.

I have seen and tried other Instagram individuals strategies, but Kimba was the only one who i stuck with and felt i could trust. She has a straight forward approach and her personality is like cool regular folks; no fluff, just what you need to get going and get results.

If you are thinking about working with her and her team Do It. Everyone was so helpful and kind, that really makes a difference to me. Working with Kimba was a blessing, she is highly knowledgeable about what she does, straight forward, kind, and who you need to get you going.

I am super grateful I was told about her! Instagram is SO less of a hassle now lol!

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