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That’s the icing on the cake!

That’s the icing on the cake !

I love to win.

And if there’s a prize up for grabs?

That’s the icing on the cake!

From a gamification perspective, rewarding people properly is a BIG deal!

Offer the right prize and you’ll get people all revved up and motivated to take action. They’ll get great results and you will too!

Offer the wrong prize and you could stop people from taking action. In some cases even put people off from doing something that they would typically do… because they don’t want to win that prize!

I once took part in a competition and didn’t want to win the first or second-place prizes, but I quite fancied the third-place prize so I worked hard to get 3rd place on the leaderboard.

I don’t imagine that’s what the person running the competition had in mind, they would have benefited more from everyone trying to get first place on the leaderboard… 

Picking the right prizes for your audience matters more than you think!

Some of the best prizes I’ve won have been big but some have been small.

Some have been serious but some have been silly.

Some have been exactly what I expected but some have been a huge surprise!

Have you ever been more motivated to do something because of a prize?

What prize would really motivate you to take action?

I’d love to know your thoughts…

Leave a comment below.

Thanks for being awesome!

Kimba and the team. ❤️


  1. Renee Young

    I’ve been really lucky to have won a free months membership, a fortnum and Mason hamper, a free place on a legal course plus other silly things that have made me laugh, mug, a book. I love helping others so I guess entering into the spirit of the competition, taking the action and showing up is important to me even if I did not win its nice to be seen and appreciated ?
    I think if it’s someone you want to work with it’s a good incentive but I also think randomising prizes is better! I’ve been in places where its the most comments to win but it gets completely competitive and spammy rather than being helpful and quite frankly pees people off! Lol ?

  2. Rachel

    I’ve certainly been put off by not wanting to win a particular thing before – And you have just reminded me I won a mug in Quick Wins Week 🙂

  3. Michelle Ewen

    I feel more motivated working towards milestones than for a chance to win a prize. I feel accomplished when I tick things off and ‘don’t break the chain’ – especially when I am part of a leader board. I am not a materialistic person so ‘luxury’ prizes don’t really inspire me. I would rather win an experiential giveaway.

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