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What is Gamification good for?

What is Gamification good for?

You may have heard the term ‘gamification’ and think that it might be good for your business but you’re not 100% sure. 

Gamification is great for solving business problems caused by a lack of motivation. 

Perhaps you’re not motivated to do your emails so you’re missing out on business opportunities. 

Perhaps your team isn’t motivated to do their follow-ups promptly and so your business is losing potential income.

Maybe you’re not really motivated enough to create those reels which is reducing your reach and engagement on Instagram – again leading to a loss in potential income. 

These are all problems that could be solved using gamification.

I had a small business problem that I used gamification to solve and I shared the whole thing publicly on Instagram and TikTok.

The problem?

How I start my videos.

Ok, so this isn’t a major problem, but I didn’t like it and felt it could be better.

I go live quite regularly, which means that every time I started a new video I cringed as I was reminded that I was yet to come up with a better opening!

As mentioned above gamification is best used to solve business problems that are caused by a lack of motivation.

This problem was definitely a lack of motivation kinda deal for me.

It’s not a HUGE problem for the business and nobody else really cares how I start my videos, it’s not going to affect the bottom line, it’s just mildly irritating and honestly, coming up with alternatives and making a decision sounded like a pain in the bum so I’d been procrastinating.

Anything, where you or someone else is procrastinating, is likely to be a good fit for gamification!

So I decided I’d share how I’d be using gamification to solve my video greeting problem publicly.

Each day I released a video on this topic. You can check them out on my Instagram @kimbadigital or you can click through to each video below. 

Here’s the first one. . .
The first envelope pick. . .
The second envelope pick. . .

The third envelope pick. . .

The fourth envelope pick. . .

The final result!

The conclusion.

I have a brand new greeting for the start of my videos which is aligned with my business that my audience chose for me.

The whole process was fun, gave me more than a week’s worth of consistent reels to post and solved my business problem. 

My audience enjoyed it too with comments like “Love this”,  “Genuinely loving this” and “Love that this one won”

My Instagram reach increased by 58.8% compared to the previous period and it finally got me started on my TikTok journey too. 

In terms of outcomes, I’m delighted. 

Want to learn more about Gamification? Find out more about Gamification Insider.

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